GENU CMS 2012.3 SQL Injection

2012-05-01 / 2012-05-02
Credit: snup
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Title: ====== GENU CMS 2012.3 - Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities Date: ===== 2012-04-30 References: =========== VL-ID: ===== 538 Introduction: ============= GENU is a Content Management System written with PHP language and using a database server (MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite) for storage. It is fully customisable since it uses a templates system and supports multiple languages. (Copy of the Vendor Homepage: Abstract: ========= A Vulnerability Laboratory Research Team discovered multiple SQL Injection vulnerabilities in GENU CMS 2012.3 content management system. Report-Timeline: ================ 2012-04-28: Vendor Fix/Patch by Check 2012-04-30: Public or Non-Public Disclosure Status: ======== Published Exploitation-Technique: ======================= Remote Severity: ========= Critical Details: ======== A SQL Injection vulnerability is detected in GENU CMS 2012.3. The vulnerability allows an attacker (remote) or local low privileged user account to inject/execute own sql commands on the affected application dbms. Successful exploitation of the vulnerability results in dbms & application compromise. Vulnerable Module(s): [+] posts/search.php [+] news/search.php [+] comments/search.php Proof of Concept: ================= The sql injection vulnerabilities can be exploited by remote attackers without user inter action. For demonstration or reproduce ... Word in 'search' must consist of at least two characters PoC:`news_subject[SQL-Injection]`news_subject[SQL-Injection]`news_subject[SQL-Injection] Solution: ========= In file: /news/search.php In line 82: AND LOWER(` . TABLE_NEWS . `.` . $_GET[`match`] . `) LIKE \\`%` . strtolower($search) . `% ` In file: /comments/search.php In line 77: AND LOWER(` . TABLE_COMMENTS . `.` . $_GET[`match`] . `) LIKE `%` . strtolower($search) . `% ` In file: /posts/search.php In line 78: AND LOWER(` . TABLE_POSTS . `.` . $_GET[`match`] . `) LIKE `%` . strtolower($search) . `% ` Variable $_GET[`match`] is not filtered. We must in this line`s edit $_GET[`match`] on $match and add code: In file: /news/search.php In line 71 In file: /comments/search.php In line 69 In file: /posts/search.php In line 69 e.g code: if(isset($_GET[`match`])) { if ($_GET[`match`] == `news_subject`) $match = `news_subject`; if ($_GET[`match`] == `news_text`) $match = `news_text`; else $match = `news_subject`; } Risk: ===== The security risk of the sql injection vulnerabilities are estimated as high(+). Credits: ======== Vulnerability Laboratory [Research Team] - snup ( Disclaimer: =========== The information provided in this advisory is provided as it is without any warranty. Vulnerability-Lab disclaims all warranties, either expressed or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and capability for a particular purpose. Vulnerability- Lab or its suppliers are not liable in any case of damage, including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential loss of business profits or special damages, even if Vulnerability-Lab or its suppliers have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages so the foregoing limitation may not apply. Any modified copy or reproduction, including partially usages, of this file requires authorization from Vulnerability- Lab. Permission to electronically redistribute this alert in its unmodified form is granted. All other rights, including the use of other media, are reserved by Vulnerability-Lab or its suppliers. Copyright 2012 Vulnerability-Lab


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