Totaljs CMS 12.0 Path Traversal

Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

*Totaljs CMS authenticated path traversal (could lead to RCE)* [+] Author/Discoverer: Riccardo Krauter @CertimeterGroup ** [+] Title: Totaljs CMS authenticated path traversal (could lead to RCE) [+] Affected software: Totaljs CMS 12.0 [+] Description: An authenticated user with “Pages” privilege can include via path traversal attack (../) .html files that are outside the permitted directory. Also if the page contains template directive, then the directive will be server side processed, so if a user can control the content of a .html file, then can inject payload with malicious template directive to gain RemoteCodeExecution. The exploit will work only with .html extension. [+] Step to reproduce: 1) go to http://localhost:8000/admin/pages/ 2) click on create button 3) enable burp proxy forwarding 4) select a template from the menu this will send a POST request to the API 5) from burp modify the json body request by adding the path traversal on the template parameter like this {"body":"","template":"../../../../../../../../../../../../var/www/html/test_rce"} do NOT add the .html extension it will be added to the back-end API 6) send the request [+] Project link: [+] Original report and details: [+] Timeline: - 13/02/2019 -> reported the issue to the vendor .... many ping here - 18/06/2019 -> pinged the vendor last time - 29/08/2019 -> reported to seclist

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