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** DISPUTED ** AIOHTTP 3.8.1 can report a "ValueError: Invalid IPv6 URL" outcome, which can lead to a Denial of Service (DoS). NOTE: multiple third parties dispute this issue because there is no example of a context in which denial of service would occur, and many common contexts have exception handing in the calling application.



aiohttp is an asynchronous HTTP client/server framework for asyncio and Python. In aiohttp before version 3.7.4 there is an open redirect vulnerability. A maliciously crafted link to an aiohttp-based web-server could redirect the browser to a different website. It is caused by a bug in the `aiohttp.web_middlewares.normalize_path_middleware` middleware. This security problem has been fixed in 3.7.4. Upgrade your dependency using pip as follows "pip install aiohttp >= 3.7.4". If upgrading is not an option for you, a workaround can be to avoid using `aiohttp.web_middlewares.normalize_path_middleware` in your applications.



aio-libs aiohttp-session version 2.6.0 and earlier contains a Other/Unknown vulnerability in EncryptedCookieStorage and NaClCookieStorage that can result in Non-expiring sessions / Infinite lifespan. This attack appear to be exploitable via Recreation of a cookie post-expiry with the same value.


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