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Fresenius Kabi Vigilant Software Suite (Mastermed Dashboard) version has the option for automated indexing (directory listing) activated. When accessing a directory, a web server delivers its entire content in HTML form. If an index file does not exist and directory listing is enabled, all content of the directory will be displayed, allowing an attacker to identify and access files on the server.



The web application on Agilia Link+ version 3.0 implements authentication and session management mechanisms exclusively on the client-side and does not protect authentication attributes sufficiently.



An attacker with physical access to the host can extract the secrets from the registry and create valid JWT tokens for the Fresenius Kabi Vigilant MasterMed version application and impersonate arbitrary users. An attacker could manipulate RabbitMQ queues and messages by impersonating users.



Sensitive endpoints in Fresenius Kabi Agilia Link+ v3.0 and prior can be accessed without any authentication information such as the session cookie. An attacker can send requests to sensitive endpoints as an unauthenticated user to perform critical actions or modify critical configuration parameters.



Requests may be used to interrupt the normal operation of the device. When exploited, Fresenius Kabi Agilia Link+ version 3.0 must be rebooted via a hard reset triggered by pressing a button on the rack system.



The SSL/TLS configuration of Fresenius Kabi Agilia Link + version 3.0 has serious deficiencies that may allow an attacker to compromise SSL/TLS sessions in different ways. An attacker may be able to eavesdrop on transferred data, manipulate data allegedly secured by SSL/TLS, and impersonate an entity to gain access to sensitive information.



Fresenius Kabi Agilia SP MC WiFi vD25 and prior has a default configuration page accessible without authentication. An attacker may use this functionality to change the exposed configuration values such as network settings.



Fresenius Kabi Vigilant Software Suite (Mastermed Dashboard) version issues authentication tokens to authenticated users that are signed with a symmetric encryption key. An attacker in possession of the key can issue valid JWTs and impersonate arbitrary users.



Fresenius Kabi Vigilant Software Suite (Mastermed Dashboard) version is vulnerable to reflected cross-site scripting attacks. An attacker could inject JavaScript in a GET parameter of HTTP requests and perform unauthorized actions such as stealing internal information and performing actions in context of an authenticated user.



Fresenius Kabi Agilia Link + version 3.0 does not enforce transport layer encryption. Therefore, transmitted data may be sent in cleartext. Transport layer encryption is offered on Port TCP/443, but the affected service does not perform an automated redirect from the unencrypted service on Port TCP/80 to the encrypted service.


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