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Jupiter Theme <= 6.10.1 and JupiterX Core Plugin <= 2.0.7 allow any authenticated attacker, including a subscriber or customer-level attacker, to gain administrative privileges via the "abb_uninstall_template" (both) and "jupiterx_core_cp_uninstall_template" (JupiterX Core Only) AJAX actions



Vulnerable versions of the Jupiter (<= 6.10.1) and JupiterX (<= 2.0.6) Themes allow logged-in users, including subscriber-level users, to perform Path Traversal and Local File inclusion. In the JupiterX theme, the jupiterx_cp_load_pane_action AJAX action present in the lib/admin/control-panel/control-panel.php file calls the load_control_panel_pane function. It is possible to use this action to include any local PHP file via the slug parameter. The Jupiter theme has a nearly identical vulnerability which can be exploited via the mka_cp_load_pane_action AJAX action present in the framework/admin/control-panel/logic/functions.php file, which calls the mka_cp_load_pane_action function.



Vulnerable versions of the Jupiter Theme (<= 6.10.1) allow arbitrary plugin deletion by any authenticated user, including users with the subscriber role, via the abb_remove_plugin AJAX action registered in the framework/admin/control-panel/logic/plugin-management.php file. Using this functionality, any logged-in user can delete any installed plugin on the site.


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