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Nortel Communication Server 1000 4.50.x allows remote attackers to obtain Web application structure via unknown vectors related to "web resources to phones and administrators."



Multiple unspecified vulnerabilities in Nortel Communication Server 1000 4.50.x allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands to gain privileges, obtain sensitive information, or cause a denial of service via unknown vectors.



Nortel MG1000S, Signaling Server, and Call Server on the Communications Server 1000 (CS1K) 4.50.x contain multiple unspecified hard-coded accounts and passwords, which allows remote attackers to gain privileges.



Unspecified vulnerability in the "session limitation technique" in the FTP service on Nortel Communications Server 1000 (CS1K) 4.50.x, when running on VGMC or signaling nodes, allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (resource exhaustion and failed updates) via unknown vectors that causes consumption of all available sessions.


 >>> Vendor: Nortel 70 Products
Optivity net architect
Nautica marlin
Alteon acedirector
Cvx 1800 multi-service access switch
Succession communication server 2000
Business communications manager
802.11 wireless ip gateway
Succession communication server 1000
Ip softphone 2050
Mobile voice client 2050
Optivity telephony manager
Symposium web centre portal
Symposium web client
Media communication server 5100
Media communication server 5200
Media processing server
Symposium agent
Symposium network control center
Symposium tapi service provider
Symposium call center server
Symposium express call center
Wlan access point 2220
Wlan access point 2221
Wlan access point 2225
Contact center
7220 wlan access point
7250 wlan access point
Ethernet routing switch 1612
Ethernet routing switch 1624
Ethernet routing switch 1648
Optical metro 5000
Optical metro 5100
Optical metro 5200
Survivable remote gateway
Universal signaling point
Vpn router 1010
Vpn router 1050
Vpn router 1100
Vpn router 1700
Vpn router 1740
Vpn router 2700
Vpn router 5000
Vpn router 600
Ssl vpn
Callpilot server
Net direct client
Meridian mail
Vpn router 1750
Vpn router portfolio
Communications server
Pc client soft phone sip
Sip softphone
Meridian option 11c
Meridian option 51c
Meridian option 61c
Meridian option 81c
Centrex ip client manager
Centrex ip element manager
Meridian sl100
Multimedia communications server
Sip multimedia pc client
Unistim ip phone
Multimedia communication server 5100
Communication server 1000
Unistim protocol

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