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On Honeywell Mobile Computers (CT60 running Android OS 7.1, CN80 running Android OS 7.1, CT40 running Android OS 7.1, CK75 running Android OS 6.0, CN75 running Android OS 6.0, CN75e running Android OS 6.0, CT50 running Android OS 6.0, D75e running Android OS 6.0, CT50 running Android OS 4.4, D75e running Android OS 4.4, CN51 running Android OS 6.0, EDA50k running Android 4.4, EDA50 running Android OS 7.1, EDA50k running Android OS 7.1, EDA70 running Android OS 7.1, EDA60k running Android OS 7.1, and EDA51 running Android OS 8.1), a skilled attacker with advanced knowledge of the target system could exploit this vulnerability by creating an application that would successfully bind to the service and gain elevated system privileges. This could enable the attacker to obtain access to keystrokes, passwords, personal identifiable information, photos, emails, or business-critical documents.


 >>> Vendor: Honeywell 112 Products
Ademco atnbaseloader100 module
Scanserver activex control
Comfortpoint open manager station
Enterprise buildings integrator
Falcon xlweb linux controller
Falcon xlweb xlwebexe
Opos suite
Excel web xl 1000c1000 600 i/o
Excel web xl 1000c1000 600 i/o uukl
Excel web xl 1000c100 104 i/o
Excel web xl 1000c100u 104 i/o uukl
Excel web xl 1000c500 300 i/o
Excel web xl 1000c500 300 i/o uukl
Excel web xl 1000c50 52 i/o
Excel web xl 1000c50u 52 i/o uukl
Tuxedo touch
Midas black firmware
Midas firmware
Uniformance process history database
Xl web ii controller
Experion process knowledge system
Intermec pm23 firmware
Intermec pc42 firmware
Intermec pc23 firmware
Intermec pm43 firmware
Intermec pc43 firmware
Intermec pd43 firmware
Intermec pm42 firmware
Maxpro nvr pe firmware
Maxpro nvr se firmware
Enterprise dvr firmware
Maxpro nvr xe firmware
Maxpro nvr hybrid se firmware
Maxpro nvr hybrid xe firmware
Fusion iv rev c firmware
H2w2pc1m firmware
H2w2per3 firmware
H2w4per3 firmware
H4d3prv2 firmware
H4d3prv3 firmware
H4w2per2 firmware
H4w2per3 firmware
H4w8pr2 firmware
Hbd3pr1 firmware
Hbd3pr2 firmware
Hbw2per1 firmware
Hbw2per2 firmware
Hbw8pr2 firmware
Hed3pr3 firmware
Hen04103 firmware
Hen04103l firmware
Hen04113 firmware
Hen04123 firmware
Hen08103 firmware
Hen08103l firmware
Hen08104 firmware
Hen081124 firmware
Hen08113 firmware
Hen08123 firmware
Hen08143 firmware
Hen08144 firmware
Hen16103 firmware
Hen16103l firmware
Hen16104 firmware
Hen16123 firmware
Hen16143 firmware
Hen16144 firmware
Hen16163 firmware
Hen16184 firmware
Hen16204 firmware
Hen162244 firmware
Hen16284 firmware
Hen16304 firmware
Hen16384 firmware
Hen32103l firmware
Hen32104 firmware
Hen321124 firmware
Hen32204 firmware
Hen322164 firmware
Hen32284 firmware
Hen32304 firmware
Hen323164 firmware
Hen32384 firmware
Hen64204 firmware
Hen64304 firmware
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