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Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol implementations may improperly determine Link State Advertisement (LSA) recency for LSAs with MaxSequenceNumber. According to RFC 2328 section 13.1, for two instances of the same LSA, recency is determined by first comparing sequence numbers, then checksums, and finally MaxAge. In a case where the sequence numbers are the same, the LSA with the larger checksum is considered more recent, and will not be flushed from the Link State Database (LSDB). Since the RFC does not explicitly state that the values of links carried by a LSA must be the same when prematurely aging a self-originating LSA with MaxSequenceNumber, it is possible in vulnerable OSPF implementations for an attacker to craft a LSA with MaxSequenceNumber and invalid links that will result in a larger checksum and thus a 'newer' LSA that will not be flushed from the LSDB. Propagation of the crafted LSA can result in the erasure or alteration of the routing tables of routers within the routing domain, creating a denial of service condition or the re-routing of traffic on the network. CVE-2017-3224 has been reserved for Quagga and downstream implementations (SUSE, openSUSE, and Red Hat packages).



Code injection in openSUSE when running some source services used in the open build service 2.1 before March 11 2011.



SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP3 (SLE10-SP3) and openSUSE 11.2 configures postfix to listen on all network interfaces, which might allow remote attackers to bypass intended access restrictions.



sudo in SUSE openSUSE 10.3 does not clear the stdin buffer when password entry times out, which might allow local users to obtain a password by reading stdin from the parent process after a sudo child process exits.



xfs_fsr in xfsdump creates a .fsr temporary directory with insecure permissions, which allows local users to read or overwrite arbitrary files on xfs filesystems.


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Suse linux imap server
Suse linux openexchange server
Office server
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Suse office server
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Linux enterprise desktop
Open suse
Studio onsite
Studio extension for system z
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Openstack cloud
Manager proxy
Linux enterprise
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Suse linux enterprise real time extension
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Linux enterprise server for raspberry pi
Linux enterprise high availability
Linux enterprise module for web scripting
Linux enterprise for sap
Linux enterprise point of sale
Open build service
Linux enterprise module for public cloud
Subscription management tool
Suse enterprise storage
Suse openstack cloud

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