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Mahara 17.04 before 17.04.8 and 17.10 before 17.10.5 and 18.04 before 18.04.1 can be used as medium to transmit viruses by placing infected files into a Leap2A archive and uploading that to Mahara. In contrast to other ZIP files that are uploaded, ClamAV (when activated) does not check Leap2A archives for viruses, allowing malicious files to be available for download. While files cannot be executed on Mahara itself, Mahara can be used to transfer such files to user computers.



Mahara 17.04 before 17.04.8 and 17.10 before 17.10.5 and 18.04 before 18.04.1 are vulnerable to the browser "back and refresh" attack. This allows malicious users with physical access to the web browser of a Mahara user, after they have logged in, to potentially gain access to their Mahara credentials.



Mahara 17.04 before 17.04.8 and 17.10 before 17.10.5 and 18.04 before 18.04.1 are vulnerable to mentioning the usernames that are already taken by people registered in the system rather than masking that information.



Mahara 16.10 before 16.10.9 and 17.04 before 17.04.7 and 17.10 before 17.10.4 are vulnerable to bad input when TinyMCE is bypassed by POST packages. Therefore, Mahara should not rely on TinyMCE's code stripping alone but also clean input on the server / PHP side as one can create own packets of POST data containing bad content with which to hit the server.



Mahara 16.10 before 16.10.7, 17.04 before 17.04.5, and 17.10 before 17.10.2 are vulnerable to being forced, via a man-in-the-middle attack, to interact with Mahara on the HTTP protocol rather than HTTPS even when an SSL certificate is present.



Mahara 16.10 before 16.10.7 and 17.04 before 17.04.5 and 17.10 before 17.10.2 have a Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability when a user enters invalid UTF-8 characters. These are now going to be discarded in Mahara along with NULL characters and invalid Unicode characters. Mahara will also avoid direct $_GET and $_POST usage where possible, and instead use param_exists() and the correct param_*() function to fetch the expected value.



An issue was discovered in Mahara before 18.10.0. It mishandled user requests that could discontinue a user's ability to maintain their own account (changing username, changing primary email address, deleting account). The correct behavior was to either prompt them for their password and/or send a warning to their primary email address.



Mahara 15.04 before 15.04.13 and 16.04 before 16.04.7 and 16.10 before 16.10.4 and 17.04 before 17.04.2 are vulnerable to recording plain text passwords in the event_log table during the user creation process if full event logging was turned on.



Mahara 15.04 before 15.04.9 and 15.10 before 15.10.5 and 16.04 before 16.04.3 are vulnerable to a group's configuration page being editable by any group member even when they didn't have the admin role.



Mahara 15.04 before 15.04.8 and 15.10 before 15.10.4 and 16.04 before 16.04.2 are vulnerable to profile pictures being accessed without any access control checks consequently allowing any of a user's uploaded profile pictures to be viewable by anyone, whether or not they were currently selected as the "default" or used in any pages.


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