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The ABB HMI components implement hidden administrative accounts that are used during the provisioning phase of the HMI interface. These credentials allow the provisioning tool "Panel Builder 600" to flash a new interface and Tags (MODBUS coils) mapping to the HMI. These credentials are the idal123 password for the IdalMaster account, and the exor password for the exor account. These credentials are used over both HTTP(S) and FTP. There is no option to disable or change these undocumented credentials. An attacker can use these credentials to login to ABB HMI to read/write HMI configuration files and also to reset the device. This affects ABB CP635 HMI, CP600 HMIClient, Panel Builder 600, IDAL FTP server, IDAL HTTP server, and multiple other HMI components.


 >>> Vendor: ABB 57 Products
Interlink module
Irc5 opc server
Pc sdk
Pickmaster 3
Pickmaster 5
Robot communications runtime
Robview 5
Webware sdk
Webware server
S4 opc server
Robotstudio s4
Robotstudio lite
Test signal viewer
Panel builder 800
Vsn300 firmware
Vsn300 for react firmware
Fox515t firmware
Sys600 firmware
Srea-01 firmware
Srea-50 firmware
Ip gateway firmware
Gate-e1 firmware
Gate-e2 firmware
Cms-770 firmware
Cp400pb firmware
Eth-fw firmware
Fw firmware
Pm554-tp-eth firmware
Cp620-web firmware
Cp620 firmware
Cp630-web firmware
Cp630 firmware
Cp635-b firmware
Cp635-web firmware
Cp635 firmware
Cp651-web firmware
Cp651 firmware
Cp661-web firmware
Cp661 firmware
Cp665-web firmware
Cp665 firmware
Cp676-web firmware
Cp676 firmware
Plant connect
Power generation information manager
Pb610 panel builder 600
Asset suite
800xa base system
800xa information manager
Device library wizard

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