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ABB, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, Siemens, WAGO - Programmable Logic Controllers, multiple versions. Researchers have found some controllers are susceptible to a denial-of-service attack due to a flood of network packets.



Phoenix Contact ILC 131 ETH, ILC 131 ETH/XC, ILC 151 ETH, ILC 151 ETH/XC, ILC 171 ETH 2TX, ILC 191 ETH 2TX, ILC 191 ME/AN, and AXC 1050 devices allow remote attackers to establish TCP sessions to port 1962 and obtain sensitive information or make changes, as demonstrated by using the Create Backup feature to traverse all directories.


 >>> Vendor: Phoenixcontact 37 Products
Fl il 24 bk-pac
Fl com server rs232 firmware
Fl com server rs485 firmware
Fl comserver bas 232 firmware
Fl comserver bas 422 firmware
Fl comserver bas 485-t firmware
Fl comserver basic 232 firmware
Fl comserver basic 422 firmware
Fl comserver basic 485 firmware
Fl comserver uni 232 firmware
Fl comserver uni 422 firmware
Fl comserver uni 485-t firmware
Fl comserver uni 485 firmware
Psi-modem/eth firmware
Ilc plcs firmware
Axc 1050 firmware
Ilc 131 eth/xc firmware
Ilc 131 eth firmware
Ilc 151 eth/xc firmware
Ilc 151 eth firmware
Ilc 171 eth 2tx firmware
Ilc 191 eth 2tx firmware
Ilc 191 me/an firmware
Fl nat smcs 8tx firmware
Fl nat smn 8tx-m-dmg firmware
Fl nat smn 8tx-m firmware
Fl nat smn 8tx firmware
Rad-80211-xd/hp-bus firmware
Rad-80211-xd firmware
Automationworx software suite
Portico server 16 client
Portico server 1 client
Portico server 4 client
Pc worx srt
Pc worx
Pc worx express

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