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The (1) PPP Access Concentrator (PPPAC) and (2) Dial-Up Networking Internet Initiative Japan Inc. SEIL series routers SEIL/x86 Fuji 1.00 through 3.22; SEIL/X1, SEIL/X2, and SEIL/B1 1.00 through 4.62; SEIL/Turbo 1.82 through 2.18; and SEIL/neu 2FE Plus 1.82 through 2.18 allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service (restart) via crafted (a) GRE or (b) MPPE packets.



Internet Initiative Japan Inc. SEIL Series routers SEIL/X1 2.50 through 4.62, SEIL/X2 2.50 through 4.62, SEIL/B1 2.50 through 4.62, and SEIL/x86 Fuji 1.70 through 3.22 allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service (CPU and traffic consumption) via a large number of NTP requests within a short time, which causes unnecessary NTP responses to be sent.



Buffer overflow in the PPP Access Concentrator (PPPAC) on the SEIL/x86 with firmware before 2.82, SEIL/X1 with firmware before 4.32, SEIL/X2 with firmware before 4.32, SEIL/B1 with firmware before 4.32, SEIL/Turbo with firmware before 2.16, and SEIL/neu 2FE Plus with firmware before 2.16 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted L2TP message.


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