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BMC Remedy Mid Tier 9.1SP3 is affected by remote and local file inclusion. Due to the lack of restrictions on what can be targeted, the system can be vulnerable to attacks such as system fingerprinting, internal port scanning, Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF), or remote code execution (RCE).



BMC Remedy Mid Tier 9.1SP3 is affected by log hijacking. Remote logging can be accessed by unauthenticated users, allowing for an attacker to hijack the system logs. This data can include user names and HTTP data.



BMC Remedy Mid-Tier 7.1.00 and for BMC Remedy AR System has Incorrect Access Control in ITAM forms, as demonstrated by TLS%3APLR-Configuration+Details/Default+Admin+View/, AST%3AARServerConnection/Default+Admin+View/, and AR+System+Administration%3A+Server+Information/Default+Admin+View/.


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