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All versions prior to V12.17.20 of the ZTE Microwave NR8000 series products - NR8120, NR8120A, NR8120, NR8150, NR8250, NR8000 TR and NR8950 are the applications of C/S architecture using the Java RMI service in which the servers use the Apache Commons Collections (ACC) library that may result in Java deserialization vulnerabilities. An unauthenticated remote attacker can exploit the vulnerabilities by sending a crafted RMI request to execute arbitrary code on the target host.


 >>> Vendor: ZTE 43 Produkty
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Zxv10 w300
Zxv10 w300 firmware
Zxhn h108l firmware
Zxdsl 831
Zxdsl 831cii
Zxhn h108n r1a firmware
Gan9.8t101a-b firmware
Zxhn h108n firmware
W300v1.0.0s zrd tr1 d68 firmware
Ox-330p firmware
Hg110 firmware
Mf28g firmware
Zxr10 1800-2s firmware
Nr8250 firmware
Nr8150 firmware
Nr8120 firmware
Nr8000tr firmware
Nr8120a firmware
Nr8950 firmware
Zxdt22 sf01 firmware
Zxdsl 831cii firmware
Mf65 firmware
Mf65m1 firmware
Zxhn f670 firmware
Zxr10 8905e firmware
Zxhn h168n firmware
Zxcloud irai
Netnumen dap firmware
Zxmw nr8000 firmware
Otcp firmware
Zxv10 b860a firmware
Zxcloud goldendata vap
Zenic one r22b
Ztemarket apk
Axon 30 pro message service

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