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Ruckus Wireless Zone Director Controller firmware releases ZD9.x, ZD10.0.0.x, ZD10.0.1.x (less than MR1 release) and Ruckus Wireless Unleashed AP Firmware releases 200.0.x, 200.1.x, 200.2.x, 200.3.x, 200.4.x. contain OS Command Injection vulnerabilities that could allow local authenticated users to execute arbitrary privileged commands on the underlying operating system by appending those commands in the Common Name field in the Certificate Generation Request.


 >>> Vendor: Ruckuswireless 13 Produkty
Zoneflex 2942 firmware
Zoneflex 2942
Unleashed firmware
Zonedirector firmware
Zonedirector 1200 firmware
Zonedirector 3000 firmware
Smartzone managed access point firmware
Solo access point firmware
Scg-200 firmware
Sz-100 firmware
Sz-300 firmware
Vsz firmware

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