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'Ultra-elegant ip phone sip-t41p firmware'



The diagnostics web interface in the Yeahlink Ultra-elegant IP Phone SIP-T41P (firmware does not validate (escape) the path information (path traversal), which allows an authenticated remote attacker to get access to privileged information (e.g., /etc/passwd) via path traversal (relative path information in the file parameter of the corresponding POST request).



A CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) in the web interface of the Yeahlink Ultra-elegant IP Phone SIP-T41P firmware version allows a remote attacker to trigger code execution or settings modification on the device by providing a crafted link to the victim.



The network diagnostic function (ping) in the Yeahlink Ultra-elegant IP Phone SIP-T41P (firmware allows a remote authenticated attacker to trigger OS commands or open a reverse shell via command injection.


 >>> Vendor: Yealink 18 Produkty
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