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Incorrect access control in RDP Level 1 on STMicroelectronics STM32F0 series devices allows physically present attackers to extract the device's protected firmware via a special sequence of Serial Wire Debug (SWD) commands because there is a race condition between full initialization of the SWD interface and the setup of flash protection.


 >>> Vendor: Stmicroelectronics 72 Produkty
Stm32f030c6 firmware
Stm32f030c8 firmware
Stm32f030cc firmware
Stm32f030f4 firmware
Stm32f030k6 firmware
Stm32f030r8 firmware
Stm32f030rc firmware
Stm32f031c4 firmware
Stm32f031c6 firmware
Stm32f031e6 firmware
Stm32f031f4 firmware
Stm32f031f6 firmware
Stm32f031g4 firmware
Stm32f031g6 firmware
Stm32f031k4 firmware
Stm32f038c6 firmware
Stm32f038e6 firmware
Stm32f038f6 firmware
Stm32f038g6 firmware
Stm32f038k6 firmware
Stm32f042c4 firmware
Stm32f042c6 firmware
Stm32f042f4 firmware
Stm32f042f6 firmware
Stm32f042g4 firmware
Stm32f042g6 firmware
Stm32f042k4 firmware
Stm32f042k6 firmware
Stm32f042t6 firmware
Stm32f048c6 firmware
Stm32f048g6 firmware
Stm32f048t6 firmware
Stm32f051c4 firmware
Stm32f051c6 firmware
Stm32f051c8 firmware
Stm32f051k4 firmware
Stm32f051k6 firmware
Stm32f051k8 firmware
Stm32f051r4 firmware
Stm32f051r6 firmware
Stm32f051r8 firmware
Stm32f051t8 firmware
Stm32f058c8 firmware
Stm32f058r8 firmware
Stm32f058t8 firmware
Stm32f070c6 firmware
Stm32f070cb firmware
Stm32f070f6 firmware
Stm32f070rb firmware
Stm32f071c8 firmware
Stm32f071cb firmware
Stm32f071rb firmware
Stm32f071v8 firmware
Stm32f071vb firmware
Stm32f072c8 firmware
Stm32f072cb firmware
Stm32f072r8 firmware
Stm32f072rb firmware
Stm32f072v8 firmware
Stm32f072vb firmware
Stm32f078cb firmware
Stm32f078rb firmware
Stm32f078vb firmware
Stm32f091cb firmware
Stm32f091cc firmware
Stm32f091rb firmware
Stm32f091rc firmware
Stm32f091vb firmware
Stm32f091vc firmware
Stm32f098cc firmware
Stm32f098rc firmware
Stm32f098vc firmware

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