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A vulnerability has been identified in CP1604 (All versions < V2.8), CP1616 (All versions < V2.8), Development/Evaluation Kits for PROFINET IO: DK Standard Ethernet Controller (All versions < V4.1.1 Patch 05), Development/Evaluation Kits for PROFINET IO: EK-ERTEC 200 (All versions < V4.5.0 Patch 01), Development/Evaluation Kits for PROFINET IO: EK-ERTEC 200P (All versions < V4.5.0), SCALANCE X-200IRT (All versions < V5.2.1), SIMATIC ET 200M (All versions), SIMATIC ET 200S (All versions), SIMATIC ET 200ecoPN (except 6ES7148-6JD00-0AB0 and 6ES7146-6FF00-0AB0) (All versions), SIMATIC ET 200pro (All versions), SIMATIC PN/PN Coupler 6ES7158-3AD01-0XA0 (All versions), SIMATIC S7-300 CPU family (incl. F) (All versions), SIMATIC S7-400 (incl. F) V6 and below (All versions), SIMATIC S7-400 PN/DP V7 (incl. F) (All versions), SIMATIC WinAC RTX (F) 2010 (All versions < SIMATIC WinAC RTX 2010 SP3), SIMOTION (All versions), SINAMICS DCM (All versions < V1.5 HF1), SINAMICS DCP (All versions), SINAMICS G110M V4.7 (Control Unit) (All versions < V4.7 SP10 HF5), SINAMICS G120 V4.7 (Control Unit) (All versions < V4.7 SP10 HF5), SINAMICS G130 V4.7 (Control Unit) (All versions < V4.7 HF29), SINAMICS G150 (Control Unit) (All versions < V4.8), SINAMICS GH150 V4.7 (Control Unit) (All versions), SINAMICS GL150 V4.7 (Control Unit) (All versions), SINAMICS GM150 V4.7 (Control Unit) (All versions), SINAMICS S110 (Control Unit) (All versions), SINAMICS S120 V4.7 (Control Unit and CBE20) (All versions < V4.7 HF34), SINAMICS S150 (Control Unit) (All versions < V4.8), SINAMICS SL150 V4.7 (Control Unit) (All versions), SINAMICS SM120 V4.7 (Control Unit) (All versions), SINUMERIK 828D (All versions < V4.8 SP5), SINUMERIK 840D sl (All versions). An attacker with network access to an affected product may cause a Denial-of-Service condition by breaking the real-time synchronization (IRT) of the affected installation. The security vulnerability could be exploited by an unauthenticated attacker with network access to the affected installation. No user interaction is required to exploit this security vulnerability. The vulnerability impacts the availability of the affected installations.


 >>> Vendor: Siemens 588 Produkty
Reliant unix
Hinet lp
3568i wap
Santis 50
Speedstream wireless router
Gigaset se361 wlan router
Speedstream 6520
Speedstream 5200
Gigaset wlan camera
Gigaset c450 ip
Gigaset c475 ip
Gigaset se461 wimax router
Simatic pcs 7
Simatic wincc
Simatic wincc flexible runtime
Simatic wincc runtime
Tecnomatix factorylink
Simatic hmi panels
Wincc flexible
Wincc flexible runtime
Wincc runtime advanced
Automation license manager
Scalance s firmware
Scalance s602
Scalance s612
Scalance s613
Scalance x-300 firmware
Scalance x-300eec firmware
Scalance x308-2m firmware
Scalance x414-3e firmware
Scalance xr-300 firmware
Scalance x-300
Scalance x-300eec
Scalance x308-2m
Scalance x414-3e
Scalance xr-300
Simatic pcs7
Simatic step 7
Simatic s7-400 cpu 412-2 pn
Simatic s7-400 cpu 414-3 pn/dp
Simatic s7-400 cpu 414f-3 pn/dp
Simatic s7-400 cpu 416-3 pn/dp
Simatic s7-400 cpu 416f-3 pn/dp
Simatic s7-400 cpu firmware
Synco ozw web server
Synco ozw web server firmware
Simatic s7-1200 plc
Sipass integrated
Rox i os
Rox ii os
Ruggedmax os
Simatic rf-manager
Simatic rf-manager 2008
Wincc tia portal
Scalance x204irt
Scalance x202-2irt
Scalance x202-2p irt
Scalance x201-3p irt
Scalance x200-4p irt
Scalance xf204irt
Scalance x200irt firmware
Openscape session border controller
Enterprise openscape branch
Scalance w744-1
Scalance w744-1pro
Scalance w746-1
Scalance w746-1pro
Scalance w747-1
Scalance w747-1rr
Scalance w784-1
Scalance w784-1rr
Scalance w786-1pro
Scalance w786-2pro
Scalance w786-2rr
Scalance w786-3pro
Scalance w788-1pro
Scalance w788-1rr
Scalance w788-2pro
Scalance w788-2rr
Scalance w700 series firmware
Scalance x-200
Scalance x-200rna
Scalance xf-200
Scalance x-200 series firmware
Sinamics g110
Sinamics g110d
Sinamics g120
Sinamics g120c
Sinamics g120d
Sinamics g120p
Sinamics g130
Sinamics g150
Sinamics g180
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