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Multiple Zoho ManageEngine products suffer from local privilege escalation due to improper permissions for the %SYSTEMDRIVE%\ManageEngine directory and its sub-folders. Moreover, the services associated with said products try to execute binaries such as sc.exe from the current directory upon system start. This will effectively allow non-privileged users to escalate privileges to NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. This affects Desktop Central 10.0.380, EventLog Analyzer 12.0.2, ServiceDesk Plus 10.0.0, SupportCenter Plus 8.1, O365 Manager Plus 4.0, Mobile Device Manager Plus 9.0.0, Patch Connect Plus 9.0.0, Vulnerability Manager Plus 9.0.0, Patch Manager Plus 9.0.0, OpManager 12.3, NetFlow Analyzer 11.0, OpUtils 11.0, Network Configuration Manager 11.0, FireWall 12.0, Key Manager Plus 5.6, Password Manager Pro 9.9, Analytics Plus 1.0, and Browser Security Plus.


 >>> Vendor: Zohocorp 47 Produkty
Manageengine adselfservice plus
Manageengine admanager plus
Manageengine assetexplorer
Manageengine opstor
Manageengine eventlog analyzer
Manageengine desktop central
Manageengine it360
Manageengine netflow analyzer
Manageengine it plus
Manageengine opmanager
Manageengine social it plus
Manageengine supportcenter plus
Servicedesk plus
Manageengine password manager pro
Webnms framework
Password manager pro
Manageengine firewall analyzer
Site24x7 mobile network poller
Manageengine applications manager
Manageengine recovery manager plus
Manageengine servicedesk plus
Firewall analyzer
Network configuration manager
Manageengine analytics plus
Manageengine browser security plus
Manageengine firewall
Manageengine key manager plus
Manageengine mobile device manager plus
Manageengine network configuration manager
Manageengine o365 manager plus
Manageengine oputils
Manageengine patch connect plus
Manageengine patch manager plus
Manageengine vulnerability manager plus
Manageengine desktop central managed service providers
Manageengine remote access plus
Manageengine adaudit plus
Manageengine datasecurity plus
Manageengine applications control plus
Manageengine servicedesk plus msp
Manageengine log360
Manageengine cloud security plus
Manageengine m365 manager plus
Manageengine sharepoint manager plus

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