Vulnerability CVE-2013-4828

Published: 2013-10-04   Modified: 2013-10-07

HP LaserJet M4555, M525, and M725; LaserJet flow MFP M525c; LaserJet Enterprise color flow MFP M575c; Color LaserJet CM4540, M575, and M775; and ScanJet Enterprise 8500fn1 FutureSmart devices do not properly encrypt PDF documents, which allows remote attackers to obtain sensitive information via unspecified vectors.



(Cryptographic Issues)

Vendor: HP
Product: Color laserjet m775dn 
Product: Color laserjet cm4540 
Product: Laserjet m725dn 
Product: Laserjet m4555f 
Product: Color laserjet m775z 
Product: Color laserjet cm4540fskm 
Product: Laserjet m725z 
Product: Laserjet m4555h 
Product: Laserjet enterprise color flow m575c 
Product: Color laserjet m575f 
Product: Scanjet enterprise 8500fn1 
Product: Laserjet m525f 
Product: Laserjet m4555 
Product: Color laserjet m775f 
Product: Color laserjet cm4540f 
Product: Laserjet m725f 
Product: Laserjet m4555fskm 
Product: Color laserjet m775z+ 
Product: Color laserjet m575dn 
Product: Laserjet m725z+ 
Product: Laserjet m525dn 
Product: Laserjet flow m525c 

CVSS2 => (AV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:P/I:N/A:N)

CVSS Base Score
Impact Subscore
Exploitability Subscore
Exploit range
Attack complexity
No required
Confidentiality impact
Integrity impact
Availability impact


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