Vulnerability CVE-2022-29550

Published: 2022-08-18

** DISPUTED ** An issue was discovered in Qualys Cloud Agent 4.8.0-49. It writes "ps auxwwe" output to the /var/log/qualys/qualys-cloud-agent-scan.log file. This may, for example, unexpectedly write credentials (from environment variables) to disk in cleartext. NOTE: there are no common circumstances in which qualys-cloud-agent-scan.log can be read by a user other than root; however, the file contents could be exposed through site-specific operational practices. The vendor does NOT characterize this as a vulnerability because the ps data collection is intentional, and would only capture credentials on a machine that was already affected by the CWE-214 weakness.

See advisories in our WLB2 database:
Qualys Cloud Agent Arbitrary Code Execution
Daniel Wood


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