Vulnerability CVE-2023-49110

Published: 2024-06-20

When the Kiuwan Local Analyzer uploads the scan results to the Kiuwan SAST web
application (either on-premises or cloud/SaaS solution), the transmitted data
consists of a ZIP archive containing several files, some of them in the
XML file format. During Kiuwan's server-side processing of these XML
files, it resolves external XML entities, resulting in a XML external
entity injection attack. An attacker with privileges to scan
source code within the "Code Security" module is able to extract any
files of the operating system with the rights of the application server
user and is potentially able to gain sensitive files, such as
configuration and passwords. Furthermore, this vulnerability also allows
an attacker to initiate connections to internal systems, e.g. for port
scans or accessing other internal functions / applications such as the
Wildfly admin console of Kiuwan.

This issue affects Kiuwan SAST: <master.1808.p685.q13371

See advisories in our WLB2 database:
Kiuwan Local Analyzer / SAST / SaaS XML Injection / XSS / IDOR
C. Schwarz



(Improper Neutralization of Input During Web Page Generation ('Cross-site Scripting'))


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