Vulnerability CVE-2024-39558

Published: 2024-07-10   Modified: 2024-07-11

An Unchecked Return Value vulnerability in the Routing Protocol Daemon (rpd) on Juniper Networks Junos OS and Juniper Networks Junos OS Evolved allows a logically adjacent, unauthenticated attacker sending a specific PIM packet to cause rpd to crash and restart, resulting in a Denial of Service (DoS), when PIM is configured with Multicast-only Fast Reroute (MoFRR). Continued receipt and processing of this packet may create a sustained Denial of Service (DoS) condition.

This issue is observed on Junos and Junos Evolved platforms where PIM is configured along with MoFRR. MoFRR tries to select the active path, but due to an internal timing issue, rpd is unable to select the forwarding next-hop towards the source, resulting in an rpd crash.

This issue affects:

Junos OS:

* All versions before 20.4R3-S10,
* from 21.2 before 21.2R3-S7,
* from 21.4 before 21.4R3-S6,
* from 22.1 before 22.1R3-S5,
* from 22.2 before 22.2R3-S3,
* from 22.3 before 22.3R3,
* from 22.4 before 22.4R2; 

Junos OS Evolved:

* All versions before 20.4R3-S10 -EVO,
* from 21.2-EVO before 21.2R3-S7 -EVO,
* from 21.4-EVO before 21.4R3-S6 -EVO,
* from 22.1-EVO before 22.1R3-S5 -EVO,
* from 22.2-EVO before 22.2R3-S3-EVO,
* from 22.3-EVO before 22.3R3-EVO,
* from 22.4-EVO before 22.4R2-EVO.


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