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Nextcloud server is an open source personal cloud solution. In affected versions an attacker could brute force to find if federated sharing is being used and potentially try to brute force access tokens for federated shares (`a-zA-Z0-9` ^ 15). It is recommended that the Nextcloud Server is upgraded to 22.2.9, 23.0.6 or 24.0.2. Users unable to upgrade may disable federated sharing via the Admin Sharing settings in `index.php/settings/admin/sharing`.

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Discourse is the an open source discussion platform. In affected versions an email activation route can be abused to send mass spam emails. A fix has been included in the latest stable, beta and tests-passed versions of Discourse which rate limits emails. Users are advised to upgrade. Users unable to upgrade should manually rate limit email.

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An Allocation of Resources Without Limits or Throttling vulnerability in the Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE) of Juniper Networks Junos OS Evolved allows unauthenticated network based attacker to cause a Denial of Service (DoS). On all Junos Evolved platforms hostbound protocols will be impacted by a high rate of specific hostbound traffic from ports on a PFE. Continued receipt of this amount of traffic will create a sustained Denial of Service (DoS) condition. This issue affects Juniper Networks Junos OS Evolved: 21.2 versions prior to 21.2R3-EVO; 21.3 versions prior to 21.3R2-EVO. This issue does not affect Juniper Networks Junos OS Evolved versions prior to 21.2R1.


Vendor: Pexip
Software: Pexip infinity

Pexip Infinity 27 before 28.0 allows remote attackers to trigger excessive resource consumption and termination because of registrar resource mishandling.


Vendor: HAXX
Software: CURL

curl < 7.84.0 supports "chained" HTTP compression algorithms, meaning that a serverresponse can be compressed multiple times and potentially with different algorithms. The number of acceptable "links" in this "decompression chain" was unbounded, allowing a malicious server to insert a virtually unlimited number of compression steps.The use of such a decompression chain could result in a "malloc bomb", makingcurl end up spending enormous amounts of allocated heap memory, or trying toand returning out of memory errors.


Vendor: HAXX
Software: CURL

A malicious server can serve excessive amounts of `Set-Cookie:` headers in a HTTP response to curl and curl < 7.84.0 stores all of them. A sufficiently large amount of (big) cookies make subsequent HTTP requests to this, or other servers to which the cookies match, create requests that become larger than the threshold that curl uses internally to avoid sending crazy large requests (1048576 bytes) and instead returns an error.This denial state might remain for as long as the same cookies are kept, match and haven't expired. Due to cookie matching rules, a server on `` can set cookies that also would match for ``, making it it possible for a "sister server" to effectively cause a denial of service for a sibling site on the same second level domain using this method.


Vendor: Glftpd
Software: Glftpd

An issue was discovered in glFTPd 2.11a that allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service via exceeding the connection limit.


Vendor: Cybozu
Software: Garoon

Improper input validation vulnerability in Space of Cybozu Garoon 4.0.0 to 5.5.1 allows a remote authenticated attacker to repeatedly display errors in certain functions and cause a denial-of-service (DoS).


Vendor: Vmware
Software: Spring cloud...

In Spring Cloud Function versions prior to 3.2.6, it is possible for a user who directly interacts with framework provided lookup functionality to cause a denial-of-service condition due to the caching issue in the Function Catalog component of the framework.


Vendor: Autodesk
Software: Autocad plant 3d

Autodesk AutoCAD product suite, Revit, Design Review and Navisworks releases using PDFTron prior to 9.1.17 version may be used to write beyond the allocated buffer while parsing PDF files. This vulnerability may be exploited to execute arbitrary code.



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