Redaxo 4.5 CMS Vulnerabilities

Credit: Root User
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

The following vulnerabilities have been found in Redaxo 4.5 (, an open source CMS for small and medium websites. CSRF: Redaxo has no CSRF protection and occasionally accepts GET variables in place of POST, which can be exploited to overwrite user passwords or delete files by an unsuspecting authenticated user. * /redaxo/index.php?page=user&subpage=&user_id=1&save=1&username=admin&userpsw=admin&useradmin=1&userstatus=1&FUNC_UPDATE=Benutzer%20speichern * /redaxo/index.php?page=import_export&subpage=import&function=delete&impname=.\..\..\..\.htaccess (Windows only) XSS: The following XSS in the Redaxo back-end can be exploited to hijack sessions of authenticated users. * /redaxo/index.php?page=mediapool&a256_media_name=[XSS] * /redaxo/index.php?page=structure&mode=[XSS] * /redaxo/index.php?page=tinymce&subpage=settings&func=update&excludecats=[XSS] RCE: Authenticated users with access to the import/export module can execute arbitrary code on the server. * /redaxo/index.php?page=import_export&subpage=export (Allows creation of .php.* files on server) * /redaxo/index.php?page=import_export&subpage=import (Allows upload of .php files) * The function rex_mediapool_filename() in "redaxo/functions/" fails to properly sanitize multiple file name extensions, which can be exploited to upload arbitrary code via the image manager (Apache AddHandler) LFI in Redaxo-Addon tinymce: * PHP function tinymce_generate_image() in "redaxo/include/addons/tinymce/functions/" fails to properly sanitize file names. This has recently been fixed, but not been made public.

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