Kaseya Virtual System Administrator File Download / Open Redirect

Credit: Pedro Ribeiro
Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes
CWE: CWE-601

tl;dr Two vulns in Kaseya Virtual System Administrator - an authenticated arbitrary file download and two lame open redirects. Full advisory text below and at [1]. Thanks to CERT for helping me to disclose these vulnerabilities [2]. >> Multiple vulnerabilities in Kaseya Virtual System Administrator >> Discovered by Pedro Ribeiro (pedrib@gmail.com), Agile Information Security (http://www.agileinfosec.co.uk/) ========================================================================== Disclosure: 13/07/2015 / Last updated: 13/07/2015 >> Background on the affected product: "Kaseya VSA is an integrated IT Systems Management platform that can be leveraged seamlessly across IT disciplines to streamline and automate your IT services. Kaseya VSA integrates key management capabilities into a single platform. Kaseya VSA makes your IT staff more productive, your services more reliable, your systems more secure, and your value easier to show." >> Technical details: #1 Vulnerability: Arbitary file download (authenticated) Affected versions: unknown, at least v9 GET /vsaPres/web20/core/Downloader.ashx?displayName=whatever&filepath=../../boot.ini Referer: A valid login is needed, and the Referrer header must be included. A sample request can be obtained by downloading any file attached to any ticket, and then modifying it with the appropriate path traversal. This will download the C:\boot.ini file when Kaseya is installed in the default C:\Kaseya directory. The file download root is the WebPages directory (<Kaseya_Install_Dir>\WebPages\). #2 Vulnerability: Open redirect (unauthenticated) Affected versions: unknown, at least v7 to XXX a) b) GET /vsaPres/Web20/core/LocalProxy.ashx?url=http://www.google.com Host: www.google.com (host header has to be spoofed to the target) >> Fix: R9.1: install patch R9.0: install patch R8.0: install patch V7.0: install patch ================ Agile Information Security Limited http://www.agileinfosec.co.uk/ >> Enabling secure digital business >> [1] https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pedrib/PoC/master/generic/kaseya-vsa-vuln.txt [2] https://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/919604



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