Avaya VOSS SPB Traffic Traversal

Credit: Dragan
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Virtual Services Platform (VOSS) Security Vulnerability CVE-2016-2783 - Release Vulnerable to SPB Traffic traversal Avaya Networking was notified by Kryptos Logic and Stora, that Avaya VSP (VOSS) has security vulnerability on November 30, 2015. Avaya R&D has confirmed the existence and the fix is available. CVSS v2 Base Score = 6.4 (Medium) Vector: (AV:A/AC:M/Au:N/C:N/I:P/A:C) Impact Subscore: = 7.8 Exploitability Subscore: 5.5 CVSS Temporal Score = 5.3 (Medium) Vector: (E:F/RL:OF/RC:C) CVSS Environmental Score depends on actual customer deployments. The Avaya Fabric Connect VSP, under specific conditions, can accept and process specially crafted and spoofed Ethernet frames, which can lead to unauthorized access to devices intended to be secured from untrusted traffic sources. The vulnerability is caused by mishandling VLAN and I-SID indexes within the Fabric infrastructure. There are no known public exploits of this vulnerability. There is no work around. A mandatory upgrade to the release that contains the fix is required. Remaining on releases prior to, and is at the customers' own risk. Upgrade links are: For release stream 4.2.2.x and prior: upgrade to containing the fix. For release stream 5.0.x.x: upgrade to containing the fix. Release stream already contains the fix. Release Virtual Services Platform 4000 Series v4.2.3 https://support.avaya.com/downloads/download-details.action?contentId=C20162262223122520_4&productId=P1440 Virtual Services Platform 7200 Series v4.2.3 https://support.avaya.com/downloads/download-details.action?contentId=C20162262235297210_0&productId=P1603 Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series v4.2.3 https://support.avaya.com/downloads/download-details.action?contentId=C2016226225599430_4&productId=P1465 Release Virtual Services Platform 4000 Series v5.0.1 https://support.avaya.com/downloads/download-details.action?contentId=C2016432012359140_8&productId=P1440 Virtual Services Platform 7200 Series v5.0.1 https://support.avaya.com/downloads/download-details.action?contentId=C2016431947494000_2&productId=P1603 Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series v5.0.1 https://support.avaya.com/downloads/download-details.action?contentId=C2016431933124770_7&productId=P1465 Release Virtual Services Platform 4000 Series v5.1 https://support.avaya.com/downloads/download-details.action?contentId=C201633102127650_3&productId=P1440 Virtual Services Platform 7200 Series v5.1 https://support.avaya.com/downloads/download-details.action?contentId=C2016331037409820_9&productId=P1603 Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series v5.0.1 https://support.avaya.com/downloads/download-details.action?contentId=C2016331051378280_7&productId=P1465 Credits This vulnerability was discovered as a joint effort by the team: Jason Ostrom, Stora Salim Neino, Kryptos Logic Samuel Neves, Kryptos Logic Dragan

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