Webmin 1.890 Cross Site Scripting

Credit: Foo Jong Meng
Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes

# Vulnerability type: Reflected Cross Site Scripting # Vendor: <https://www.k2.com/> http://www.webmin.com/index.html # Product: Webmin # Affected version: 1.890 # Credit: Foo Jong Meng # CVE ID: CVE- 2018-19191 # DESCRIPTION: After logging into the webmin interface, attack can be launched by injecting the XSS payload at the affected parameters. The XSS is noted in the following webmin parameters https://x.x.x.x:10000/affected-parameters: u /config.cgi?webmin (GET) u /shell/index.cgi (POST) history parameter u /shell/index.cgi?stripped=1 (POST) u /webminlog/search.cgi (GET) uall and mall parameters # SAMPLE PAYLOAD: "<script>alert(0)</script> <script>alert(%22%78%73%73%22)</script>abc # PROOF OF CONCEPT: 1. Use a web proxy (i.e zapproxy, burp) to intercept the affected "GET" and "POST" requests for: https://x.x.x.x:10000/affected-parameters 2. Inject the XSS payload at the affected parameters. 3. The payload will be executed. Developer has issued an updated version of webmin with the vulnerabilities reported.

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