PHP MySQLi Database Class 2.9.2 SQL Injection

Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes
CWE: CWE-89 aka v2.9.2 is vulnerable to SQL injection in functon Where() because of special "forkaround" at line 971 <> If $whereValue happens to be an array, key value is used as $operator to build query. However typical usage of the class looks like: $db->where('ID', $_POST['id']); $name = $db->getValue('USERS', 'name'); The $whereValue is usually untrusted and if there are no additional checks like is_numeric($_POST['id']) an attacker may inject his statements. For example: id[= ? or 1=1 --]=0(Url encoded version for HTTP POST: id%5B%3D%20%3F%20or%201%3D1%20--%5D=0) Timeline: 08-03-2019 Sent and email to a.butenka at and josh.lee.campbell at 13-03-2019 No response, created public GitHub issue <>. The maintainer replies "not a bug". 13-03-2019 Full disclosure list. Regards, Jaroslav LobaAevski

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