perfSONAR - v4.x <= v4.4.5 - Partial Blind CSRF

us Ryan Moore (US) us
Risk: Medium
Local: Yes
Remote: Yes
CWE: N/A Vendor: perfSONAR Link: Affected Versions: v4.x <= v4.4.5 Vulnerability Type: Partial Blind CSRF Discovered by: Ryan Moore CVE: CVE-2022-41413 Summary A partial blind CSRF vulnerability exists in perfSONAR v4.x <= v4.4.5 within the /perfsonar-graphs/ test results page. Parameters and values can be injected/passed via the URL parameter, forcing the client to connect unknowingly in the background to other sites via transparent XMLHTTPRequests. This partial blind CSRF bypasses the built-in whitelisting function in perfSONAR. This vulnerability was patched in perfSONAR v4.4.6. Proof of Concept Examples Here are two examples of this vulnerability. For further details, review the Technical Overview section below. Example 1: Client browser connects to in the background. Example 2: Client browser connects to arbitrary IP and port in the background, passing delete parameter to /api endpoint.


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