Consona Products - Multiple vulnerabilities

Affected products: Consona Live Assistance Consona Dynamic Agent Consona Subscriber Assistance Vulnerabilities: -XSS -Remote Code Execution -Buffer Overflow -Privilege escalation Executive summary: Consona products uses a propietary ActiveX site-lock mechanism that can be defeated through XSS attacks. Once an attacker can inject arbitrary JS code within the context of an allowed domain, unsafe methods can invoked to download and execute arbitrary binaries. A local privilege escalation flaw discovered in the Consona's Repair Service can be used to bypass IE8 Protected Mode, thus gaining SYSTEM privileges. The XSS flaw leds to a complete system compromise. Technical Details: These vulnerabilities were discovered and presented, 2 months ago, by Ruben Santamarta at RootedCon, a security conference held in Madrid. Slides References: [+] -releases-an-advisory-for-consona-products.html [+] [+] f -- Wintercore Iberia S.L. C/ Castellana 122, 1º Derecha 28045 MADRID - SPAIN


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