ArcServe UDP - Unquoted Service Path Privilege Escalation

Credit: sh4d0wman
Risk: High
Local: Yes
Remote: No
CWE: CWE-427

Title: ArcServe UDP - Unquoted Service Path Privilege Escalation CWE Class: CWE-427: Uncontrolled Search Path Element Date: 04/09/2016 Vendor: ArcServe Product: ArcServe UDP Standard Edition for Windows, TRIAL Type: Backup Software Version: 6.0.3792 Update 2 Build 516 Download URL: Tested on: Windows 7x86 EN Release Mode: coordinated release - 1. Product Description: - A comprehensive solution that empowers even a one-person IT department to protect virtual and physical environments with a high degree of simplicity: Design and manage your entire data protection strategy with a unified management console Scale your data backup coverage as your organization grows with the push of a button - 2. Vulnerability Details: - ArcServe UDP for Windows installs various services. One of them is the "Arcserve UDP Update Service (CAARCUpdateSvc)" running as SYSTEM. This particular service has an insecurely quoted path. Other services where correctly quoted. An attacker with write permissions on the root-drive or directory in the search path could place a malicious binary and elevate privileges. - 3. PoC Details: - There are various ways to audit for this type of vulnerability. This proof-of-concept demonstrates both an automated and manual way. Step 1: Identify the issue Automatic: use the windows-privesc-check toolkit to audit the local system. Manual: run 'sc qc CAARCUpdateSvc' and confirm it has an unquoted service path. Output: C:Program FilesArcserveUnified Data ProtectionUpdate ManagerARCUpdate.exe This should be: "C:Program FilesArcserveUnified Data ProtectionUpdate ManagerARCUpdate.exe" Step 2: Assess if exploitation is possible To exploit this issue assess the permissions of each folder in the path using space as a token. If any of the directories is writable for a non-administrative user, try to exploit the issue. Step 3 Exploitation: Place a binary with the correct name in the vulnerable directory. Reboot the system and validate your payload is executed with SYSTEM privileges - 4. Vendor Mitigation: - Create an update for the product which add quotes to the path. While the update is being developed customers could apply a manual fix: Open regedit, browse to HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetservices Add quotes to the ImagePath value of the relevant service. - 5. End-user Mitigation: - A patch has been released by Arcserve. All customer should upgrade to the latest version as described in the release notes: - 6. Author: - sh4d0wman / Herman Groeneveld herman_worldwide AT hotmail. com - 7. Timeline: - * 01/06/2016: Vulnerability discovery * 18/06/2016: Request sent to for a security point-of-contact * 21/06/2016: Received contact but no secure channel. Requested confirmation to send PoC over unsecure channel * 22/06/2016: vendor supplied PGP key, vulnerability PoC sent * 09/07/2016: Received information: 2 out of 3 issues have fixes pending. Vendor requests additional mitigation techniques for the third issue. * 13/07/2016: Sent vendor various mitigation solutions and their limitations. * 13/08/2016: Vendor informs release is pending for all discovered issues. * 15/08/2016: Vendor requests text for release bulletin. * 19/08/2016: A fix has been released.

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