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UnboundID LDAP SDK version from commit 801111d8b5c732266a5dbd4b3bb0b6c7b94d7afb up to commit 8471904a02438c03965d21367890276bc25fa5a6, where the issue was reported and fixed contains an Incorrect Access Control vulnerability in process function in SimpleBindRequest class doesn't check for empty password when running in synchronous mode. commit with applied fix that can result in Ability to impersonate any valid user. This attack appear to be exploitable via Providing valid username and empty password against servers that do not do additional validation as per This vulnerability appears to have been fixed in after commit 8471904a02438c03965d21367890276bc25fa5a6.


 >>> Vendor: Pingidentity 8 Produkty
Mod auth openidc
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Pingid ssh integration
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