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Buffer overflow in various ha commands of VERITAS Cluster Server for UNIX before 4.0MP2 allows local users to execute arbitrary code via a long VCSI18N_LANG environment variable to (1) haagent, (2) haalert, (3) haattr, (4) hacli, (5) hacli_runcmd, (6) haclus, (7) haconf, (8) hadebug, (9) hagrp, (10) hahb, (11) halog, (12) hareg, (13) hares, (14) hastatus, (15) hasys, (16) hatype, (17) hauser, and (18) tststew.


 >>> Vendor: Symantec veritas 19 Produkty
Volume manager
Cluster server
Backup exec
Netbackup advanced reporter
Netbackup global data manager
I3 focalpoint server
Netbackup enterprise server
Netbackup server
Backup exec remote agent
Netbackup data and business center
Netbackup enterprise server client
Storage exec
Sanpoint control quickstart
Storage foundation
Storage foundation cluster file system
Netbackup puredisk remote office edition

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