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In ABB SREA-01 revisions A, B, C: application versions up to 3.31.5, and SREA-50 revision A: application versions up to 3.32.8, an attacker may access internal files of ABB SREA-01 and SREA-50 legacy remote monitoring tools without any authorization over the network using a HTTP request which refers to files using ../../ relative paths. Once the internal password file is retrieved, the password hash can be identified using a brute force attack. There is also an exploit allowing running of commands after authorization.


 >>> Vendor: ABB 63 Produkty
Interlink module
Irc5 opc server
Pc sdk
Pickmaster 3
Pickmaster 5
Robot communications runtime
Robview 5
Webware sdk
Webware server
S4 opc server
Robotstudio s4
Robotstudio lite
Test signal viewer
Panel builder 800
Vsn300 firmware
Vsn300 for react firmware
Fox515t firmware
Sys600 firmware
Srea-01 firmware
Srea-50 firmware
Ip gateway firmware
Gate-e1 firmware
Gate-e2 firmware
Cms-770 firmware
Cp400pb firmware
Eth-fw firmware
Fw firmware
Pm554-tp-eth firmware
Cp620-web firmware
Cp620 firmware
Cp630-web firmware
Cp630 firmware
Cp635-b firmware
Cp635-web firmware
Cp635 firmware
Cp651-web firmware
Cp651 firmware
Cp661-web firmware
Cp661 firmware
Cp665-web firmware
Cp665 firmware
Cp676-web firmware
Cp676 firmware
Plant connect
Power generation information manager
Pb610 panel builder 600
Asset suite
800xa base system
800xa information manager
Device library wizard
Symphony \+ historian
Symphony \+ operations
Symphony plus historian
Symphony plus operations
Base software
Update manager

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