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The ExpandCert function in Apache-SSL before apache_1.3.41+ssl_1.59 does not properly handle (1) '/' and (2) '=' characters in a Distinguished Name (DN) in a client certificate, which might allow remote attackers to bypass authentication via a crafted DN that triggers overwriting of environment variables.



Apache-SSL 1.3.28+1.52 and earlier, with SSLVerifyClient set to 1 or 3 and SSLFakeBasicAuth enabled, allows remote attackers to forge a client certificate by using basic authentication with the "one-line DN" of the target user.



The dbm and shm session cache code in mod_ssl before 2.8.7-1.3.23, and Apache-SSL before 1.3.22+1.46, does not properly initialize memory using the i2d_SSL_SESSION function, which allows remote attackers to use a buffer overflow to execute arbitrary code via a large client certificate that is signed by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA), which produces a large serialized session.


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