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The private key of the web server in Moxa MXview versions 2.8 and prior is able to be read and accessed via an HTTP GET request, which may allow a remote attacker to decrypt encrypted information.



An issue was discovered in Moxa MXview v2.8 and prior. The unquoted service path escalation vulnerability could allow an authorized user with file access to escalate privileges by inserting arbitrary code into the unquoted service path.



Moxa MXView 2.8 allows remote attackers to cause a Denial of Service by sending overly long junk payload for the MXView client login credentials.



Moxa MXView 2.8 allows remote attackers to read web server's private key file, no access control.


 >>> Vendor: MOXA 88 Products
Device manager
Mdm tool
Activex sdk
Edr g903 firmware
Oncell gateway g3211
Oncell gateway firmware
Vport activex sdk plus
Eds-405a firmware
Eds-408a firmware
Oncell central manager
Ioadmin firmware
Iologik firmware
Miineport e1 4641 firmware
Miineport e1 7080 firmware
Miineport e2 1242 firmware
Miineport e2 4561 firmware
Miineport e3 firmware
Uc-7408 lx-plus
Uc-7408 lx-plus firmware
Pt-7728 firmware
Device server web console 5232-n firmware
Mgate mb3170 router firmware
Mgate mb3180 router firmware
Mgate mb3270 router firmware
Mgate mb3280 router firmware
Mgate mb3480 router firmware
Oncell g3001 firmware
Oncell g3100v2 firmware
Active opc server
Nport 5100 series firmware
Nport 5400 series firmware
Nport 5600 series firmware
Nport 5100a series firmware
Nport p5150a series firmware
Nport 5200 series firmware
Nport 6100 series firmware
Nport 5200a series firmware
Nport 5x50a1-m12 series firmware
Nport 5600-8-dtl series firmware
Edr-810 firmware
Miineport e1 firmware
Miineport e2 firmware
Awk-5232-m12-rcc firmware
Awk-3191 firmware
Awk-3131a firmware
Awk-6232 firmware
Awk-1127 firmware
Wac-2004 firmware
Awk-5232 firmware
Awk-1121 firmware
Wac-1001 v2 firmware
Awk-3121-m12-rtg firmware
Awk-1131a firmware
Awk-4131a firmware
Awk-3131-m12-rcc firmware
Oncellg3470a-lte firmware
Mx-aopc server
Oncell 5104-hsdpa firmware
Oncell 5004-hspa firmware
Oncell g3110-hspa firmware
Oncell g3110-hsdpa firmware
Oncell g3150-hsdpa firmware
Oncell 5104-hspa firmware
Eds-g512e firmware
Nport 5110 firmware
Nport 5130 firmware
Nport 5150 firmware
Softcms lab view
Softnvr-ia live view
Oncell g3110-hspa-t firmware
Oncell g3150-hspa-t firmware
Oncell g3150-hspa firmware
Nport 5210 firmware
Nport 5230 firmware
Nport 5232 firmware
Eds-510a firmware
Iks-g6824a firmware
Awk-3121 firmware
Oncell g3470a-lte-eu-t firmware
Oncell g3470a-lte-eu firmware
Oncell g3470a-lte-us-t firmware
Oncell g3470a-lte-us firmware

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