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Multiple cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities in administrator.php in Epignosis eFront Open Source Edition before build 18022 allow remote attackers to hijack the authentication of administrators for requests that (1) delete modules via the delete_module parameter, (2) deactivate modules via the deactivate_module parameter, (3) activate modules via the activate_module parameter, (4) delete users via the delete_user parameter, (5) deactivate users via the deactivate_user parameter, (6) activate users via the activate_user parameter, (7) activate themes via the set_theme parameter, (8) deactivate themes via the set_theme parameter, (9) delete themes via the delete parameter, (10) deactivate events (user registration or email activation) via the deactivate_notification parameter, (11) activate events via the activate_notification parameter, (12) delete events via the delete_notification parameter, (13) deactivate language settings via the deactivate_language parameter, (14) activate language settings via the activate_language parameter, (15) delete language settings via the delete_language parameter, or (16) activate or deactivate the autologin feature for a user via a crafted maintenance request.


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