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XXE during an EventPublisher update can occur in Management Console in WSO2 API Manager 3.0.0 and earlier, API Manager Analytics 2.5.0 and earlier, API Microgateway 2.2.0, Enterprise Integrator 6.4.0 and earlier, IS as Key Manager 5.9.0 and earlier, Identity Server 5.9.0 and earlier, and Identity Server Analytics 5.6.0 and earlier.


 >>> Vendor: WSO2 23 Products
Enablement server for java
Identity server
Storage server
Data analytics server
Iot server
Enterprise integrator
Business rules server
Api manager
Business process server
Dashboard server
Message broker
Enterprise mobility manager
Application server
Data services server
Complex event processor
Governance registry
App manager
Machine learner
Identity server as key manager
Api manager analytics
Api microgateway
Identity server analytics

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